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“The surfing keeps me alive, and the music keeps me grounded” Born on December 10, 1972 in Downey, California Donavon Frankenreiter currently resides in Laguna Beach, CA among the things he loves – his wife, his son, his guitar, and the ocean. Growing up, his days revolved around the water, surfing every chance he had. At age 13, Billabong became Donavon’s first sponsor and afforded him a role most surfers dream of, that of a free surfer – paid to ride the waves, but not required to surf in competition. Although he still surfs every chance he gets, Donavon’s focus has shifted towards his music. When Donavon was 15, he got his first guitar but it wasn’t until he was 18 that he started playing seriously and formed his high school band Peanut Butter and Jam. He has always loved to play music, but only in the last three years, has he discovered his own voice, style and confidence to go at it on his own. Donavon likes to keep it simple, allowing his music to be inspired by anything that moves him, especially his surfing. In 2003, Donavon signed to Brushfire Records, Jack Johnson’s signature label. Donavon’s self-titled Brushfire debut, due out May 2004 was recorded at the Mango Tree, Hawaii and produced by Jack Johnson and Mario Caldato Jr. Recently Donavon linked up with Breeders drummer Jose Medeles and hopes to continue his great run of touring that has already included dates with Jack Johnson, G.Love & Special Sauce and Dave Matthews in 2003.

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