Dukes of Dixieland Biography

<<< For albums recorded before 1974, use the Assuntos original The Dukes Of DIxieland >>>

Years active: 1974 - Present

In the spring of 1974, television producer John Shoup relaunched the DUKES of Dixieland to keep Dixieland Music alive and relevant. The DUKES did their first symphony conert with the Grant Park Pops in Chicago that summer, and later that year they opned their first jazz club, Dukes Place, atop the Monteleone Hotel, the site of Louis Prima's old club. There, the DUKES hosted the winner of the first Superdome Superbowl, Arthur Rooney and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the next 25 years1975-2000 the DUKES recorded 18 albums, appeared with hundreds of orchestras, celebrated five birthdays with Bob Hope, and operated nightly at either their jazz clubs - DUKES Place (1974-1986), Mahogany HAll (!981-1992), or the Steamboat Natchez (1993-Present), promoting New Orleans Jazz. They still perform nightly on the Natchez, and this year will be their 20th anniversary on the boat.

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