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Relocating from Silverlake, California, to a remote Italian village and settling down in front of the piano keys, Dustin O’Halloran has spent the past few years writing some of the best music of his life. Producing a lush, and lilting new album with his band,The Devics, as well as a poignant collection of solo compositions, entitled “Piano Solos”, O’Halloran is riding a wave of uninhibited creativity, his new work garnering high praise from critics and love from his long time fans.

With both The Devics record and his stunning, classically inspired piano pieces getting prodigious radio play on L.A.’s hugely influential KCRW, O’Halloran is getting the kind of attention he’s long deserved.Winning fans around the world, his work has recently seduced musician and music supervisor Brian Reitzell, who has tapped O’Halloran to assist in the score of the newest Sofia Coppola film, the epic historical drama, Marie Antoinette.

Poignant and eerily lovely, Piano Solos Vol. 2 is the 2nd in a series of releases from Dustin O’Halloran. Recorded in blissful isolation in Italy, the pieces on Solos Vol. 2 are a nod to the composers that have influenced and inspired him, such as Satie, Chopin, Debussy and Beethoven. Yet listen close and you’ll hear a nod to postmodern beauty as well, to the epic, enigmatic sound

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