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Things Eliza likes... bubbles in my tummy. buzzing anticipation. best feelings ever. like a plane going up or a bunjey jump. music. excitement. love. . . lilac smell. full moons. argiano. argiano pizza. the stars. old libraries. new nike shoes. beans on toast. beans on jackets. chilli con beans. NUT ROAST. i love love my friends. smiles. laughing. uncontrollable fits curled up on the floor. rib breaking. CROWNIES. Birthday parties with chocalate cake and dancing for dessert. high spirits from nothing but everything. poker games. AK of HEARTS. full tilt play money broke broke broke. scrabble. my brothers and sisters. each one as coo-kie as the next. oh boy. BULBUS BEE. old school garage raves in dodgy ibiza clubs. agua blanca. agua blanca avocado sandwiches. fringes touching eyes. baggy trousers. laura lee pirate style. louise goldin funky fresh. vivienne westwood. classic. funky. CHUNKY. style. kit kat chunky. boost bar. fires in the living room on the coldest night of the year. a cool breeze on the hottest. snakes and ladders (basically real life no?). sex and the city. carrie bradshaw. C.S Lewis. Aslan. patterned tights. thinking up awful band names. baths with massive candles. other peoples passport photos. spice girl polaroid camera. double jointed people. cats. MIDNIGHT. CUSTARD. MONTY. midnight feasts when you're little and you fall asleep at 9 o'clock. 1st glass of champagne. chips wrapped up in newspaper. spanish guitars. fountain pens. knowing directions. The Arsenal. FABREGAS. walking up the steps and seeing the green at the emirates. hair clips. animal parties. gold. fresh pineapple. chocalate milk. chopping onions. poofy fluffy pillows. primrose hill. sunshine. sunsets. pinks and yellows. Jessica's paintings. Violetta's artistics. all THE BOYS. poppy seed bagels. peeling PVA glue of my hands after leaving it on there to dry. vampires. lock tavern pies. mini dresses. EPISODE. candy corn. playing pool. daisy chains. death proof. anchorman. ashtanga. mountains. volcanoes. jungle book. BARE NECESSITIES. Nandos veggie pittas. The Fall. camden town. soho. covent garden. LONDON.

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