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    Enon Biography

    from Touch and Go Records: Enon are back with their long-awaited 5th album, and this time they brought the can of whoop ass! Blasting through 12 tunes lodged between your conscience and the red lights, Grass Geysers…Carbon Clouds is chock full of topics all over the map, and they're not stopping for border checks either.

    "Enon" can mean either cloud or fountain, depending on the context. It's from this sky of opposites that this new record gushes out. By the time you're through listening, what will Enon mean to you?

    "Dr. Freeze" is a sci-fi pie in the face about a mad super villain (or hero?) who sets a planet back into an ice age in response to a plea for help with a global climate epidemic. "Peace of Mind" recommends a partial lobotomy, or at least trephination, to subdue some brain swelling due to chronic information overload. "Pigeneration" rocks all over the effects of "free dumb" and disposable culture on our lives.

    While this record is ever the rollercoaster of moods that characterize much of Enon's output, this is their most consistent and striking work yet. It builds you up from "Mirror on You" before burning you down in "Ashish." John Schmersal (gtr/key) and Toko Yasuda (bass/key) are often singing together on songs instead of independently, and Matt Schulz (drums) pushes up the BPMs on this record for a manic and fast paced punch in the neck. Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds is the kind of record that will be over and on deck again before you can say mirrormirrormirrormirror.

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