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Eros Ramazotti b. Eros Luciano Walter Ramazzotti Molina on October 28th, 1963, in Rome's San Giovanni Hospital, Italy. Son of Rodolfo Ramazzotti y Raffaella Molina, was raised in the Cinecittà neighborhood. Since his teens showed a natural passion for music. Eros tried to be admitted in the Music Conservatory, but he failed the previous evaluation. Mastering the guitar, Eros taught his skills in playing and singing. In 1981, he participated in the Castrocaro Festival with the song 'Rock '80'. The beginning of his musical career occured when he lauched his first album 'La Drogueria di Drugolo' (with DDD records), signed his first contract and moved out to Milan.

In 1982 his first 45 rpm single, 'Ad un Amico', was introduced. In 1984, Eros participated for the first time in the San Remo Festival and won that contest with his song 'Terra Promessa'. In 1985 he participated once again and placed sixth. The following year, a third participation in the same event gave Eros the victory in the principal category with 'Adesso Tu'. Next, his second album 'Nuovi Eroi' was lauched. In 1987, the third one came as 'In Certi Momenti', which raised him to the top in Europe. 'Musica È', his fourth album came in 1988. Two years later 'In Ogni Senso' with its song 'Cantico' was lauched. Eros would made a tour almost all over the world.

In 1993, his new album 'Tutte Storie' was introduced. Eros quit from DDD records and founded his own record company, 'Radiorama'. On May 1996 he lauched his first production 'Dove C'è Musica', completely from his inspiration. Some month later, his wife, swiss model Michelle Hunziker, gave birth to their daughter in Lugano, Suiza.

Other 3 works would become to markets: Eros, Eros Live (both in 1998) and Stile Libero (2000). Eros Ramazzotti' success not only in italian audiences, but in spanish ones too. Proof of that is his spanish versions of 'Tutte Storie', 'Dove C'è Musica', 'Eros and 'Stile Libero'; besides his appereances and recordings with american singers such as Tina Turner and Cher.

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Italian singer and songwriter. He was born October 28th 1963 in Rome, Italy.

He was married to Michelle Hunziker from 1998 to 2002.

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