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Access Magazine has said that Face To Face is "amongst the cream of the `90s punk rock crop. If you think this is all you need to know about Face To Face, get ready for a re-think.

The music still charges out of the speakers with swaggering, aggressive assurance -- the complex, layered guitar work of Trever Keith and Chad Yaro, Shiflett's, propulsive bass lines and the powerful, solid drumming of newcomer Pete Parada, all supporting Keith's staggeringly emotional vocals. But the new album's 13 songs sound even bigger than before, with more textures and dimensions than anything Face To Face has yet put on record.

Ignorance is Bliss; Face To Face's fourth album expands the scope of the quartet's attack. Yes, it's a change, but one that comes from a familiar place, taking the combination of energy and craft that's always been part of the group's makeup and pushing it in ambitious new directions.

Face To Face are the consummate touring act. Five years of sold out tours in the U.S, Japan, Australia & Europe and three studio albums have earned the band the respect of their peer musicians and an avid fan following.

Keith, who founded the band in 1990, says Ignorance is Bliss is simply a natural evolution for Face To Face. After extensive touring to support 1996's "Face To Face'' album -- shows that were captured on the fiery 1998 "Live'' album -- the bandmembers felt like they couldn't continue on the same path without repeating themselves. When the time came to begin writing the new album Keith voiced a desire to take the music in a new direction. Apparently, voicing what each member had been feeling on their own, the proclamation not only united the band like never before, but any creative limitations the group might have felt were immediately lifted.

"We wanted to operate ignorant of any of the systems or expectations that could affect the music,'' says bassist Scott Shiflett. ``We let ourselves spend more time writing and let the songs develop further.''

They were also conscious of the delicate nature of change and -- after considering a myriad of different producers for Ignorance Is Bliss -- came to the conclusion that the best people to steer that change was the band itself.

``I was on the phone with Scott,'' Keith remembers, "and he said, 'We have to make this record ourselves.' That scared the hell out of me at first, but the more I thought about it, I said, `You're right.' We felt like this is a record that really needed to be made by the band. We wanted to send a very clear message that this is something that came from us.''


Keith and Shiflett produced ``Ignorance is Bliss'' with Chad Blinman, who also mixed the Live album and has worked on various projects for Lady Luck Records, the independent label Face To Face operates (which is releasing "Ignorance" in conjunction with Beyond).

As opposed to their previous releases where Keith shouldered the bulk of the writing and producing duties, on Ignorance is Bliss, the entire band enjoyed greater creative berth throughout. While Keith remains the main songwriter and sole lyricist, he and Shiflett share writing credits the majority of the record. Yaro and Parada also played intregal parts in the making of the album. The charging "Overcome,'' for instance, was built from a guitar riff Chad Yaro showed Shiflett during a meal break. While Parada shares a writing credit on the album's emotionally wrought closer "Maybe Next Time.''

Ignorance is Bliss is also a watershed for Keith as a lyricist. His songs still draw from the same source -- a populist social outlook that champions self-determinismand is skeptical of ingrained institutions. The result is a series of tough questions, for himself and for the world at large. In ``Burden'' he ponders life and wonders "Is there something more than this?/Was it something I've already missed?'' And in "Heart of Hearts,'' one of the earliest songs written for the album, Keith challenges: "You've got everything/Inside your heart of hearts you know/Will you choose to hide it in your soul?''

"When I write lyrics, I draw from my feelings on everyday life.'' Keith explains. "A lot of it is social commentary based upon observations of what it's like to be me in the world.'' There is no single message in Keith's lyrics, but there are themes -- such as embracing individuality and staring down adversity -- that he's explored since he began writing songs for the band. ``Those are common threads throughout all our albums,'' he says. ``But I do feel I've stretched out a little more. I think these are some of my best lyrics.''

Justifiably proud of Ignorance is Bliss, Face To Face is ready to unleash the sound on the world, by doing what they've always done best-- getting back on the road and playing dynamic, compelling shows for fans who the group is confident will approach the new direction with open ears and minds.

Face To Face is:

Trever Keith: Vocals/Guitar

Chad Yaro: Guitar/Backing vocals

Scott Shiflett: Bass/Backing Vocals

Pete Parada: Drums

Face To Face: a brief History:

? Formed in 1991 and to date have sold over half a million albums worldwide

? Album Releases: Don't Turn Away (1993), Big Choice (1995), Face To Face (1996), Live (1998), Ignorance Is Bliss (1999)

? Headlined 1996 Sno-Core Tour ; Among the headliners of Warped tours 1995-1997

? Supporting Tours for: No Doubt ( U.S. 1997), Bad Religion (Europe 1996), Mighty Mighty Bosstones (U.S. 1995), Offspring (U.S. 1995), NOFX (U.S/Canada 1994)

For more information, contact:

Ashley Smith (Beyond) 310-385-4815

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