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For Dave King, the Dublin-born singer/guitarist/songwriter of SideOneDummy recording group Flogging Molly, the band’s third studio album, Within a Mile of Home, brings him back to his childhood and the traditional Irish music he grew up with. With the help of his Flogging Molly compatriots and producer Ted Hutt, Within a Mile of Home has finally taken King full circle, back to his roots, and oh what a journey it has been.

How did you promote yourself and your music when you were first starting out?

We played at the same pub every Monday night. Recorded a live CD from one of the nights. Printed a batch up and started to sell them to raise the money to record in a studio. Recorded the CD Swagger and got signed to Side One Dummy and went on tour.

Did you ever doubt yourself or think about giving up?

No, not with this band. I felt there was something very special about it and its members from the day I joined. I'm still amazed at how far we've come though.

What's the wackiest thing you ever did to try and get a gig or sell a record?

I offered a person a full refund if they didn't like the CD. I did that more than once, it's not so wacky I guess. I felt the music will sell itself.

What other ways do you express yourself creatively outside your music?

Make gifts for people.

How much did others encourage you to express yourself at an early age?

My family was very supportive, until I would turn my amp really loud and practice.

What is your community today, and how do you stay connected to it?

I live in Hollywood now. It's hard to stay connected to it because we tour so much. I guess the band and our bus is my community and I can't help but stay connected to that.

Do artists and musicians have a responsibility to be leaders in their communities?

I think if a musician or artist can stay in a community and make a living, their work will naturally lead people.

Who do you aspire to be compared to?

Anyone who is truly great, cause I'm still trying to get there.

Who are you sick of being compared to?

No one. When people stop comparing that may mean they stopped listening.

Do you think music can change the world?

No, I think people can.

Have your political views changed over the years?


Describe one of your proudest moments as a musician/performer/artist.

My first show with Flogging Molly. It was in San Jose, California 1999. There was about 600 people there, that was the most I'd ever played in front of. I was really nervous but the second we started the place went nuts. I was thinking in my mind I've been waiting and sacrificing for so long for something like this, that feeling comes back every show to this day.

Flogging Molly Bio from Discogs

Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Celtic punk band from Los Angeles, California, founded 1997.

Flogging Molly mixes both Punk Rock and traditional Irish music in their music.


Dave King - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Bridget Regan - Fiddle, Tin Whistle

Dennis Casey - Electric Guitar

Matt Hensley - Accordion

Nathen Maxwell - Bass

Bob Schmidt - Mandolin, Banjo

George Schwindt - Drums

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