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For Against Biography

For Against is one of America's most enduring and endeared independent musical ensembles. Founded in Lincoln, Nebraska in the early 1980s, the band has released seven albums, one 10” EP, and three 7” singles since 1985. The original lineup of Jeffrey Runnings (bass & vocals), Harry Dingman (guitars), and Greg Hill (drums) launched a long-time association with the legendary Independent Project Records with the release of the acclaimed Echelons (1987) and December albums (1988). These albums were beloved for their unique brand of brooding pop that combined the dark colorings of early Factory Records with the jangle of R.E.M. and The Smiths. Echelons was celebrated with a Grammy nomination for its remarkable art design. After Dingman and Hill left to form The Millions, Steven Hinrichs (guitar) and Paul Engelhard (drums) joined Runnings to release four stellar albums: Aperture (1993), Mason’s California Lunchroom (1995), Shelf Life (1997), and Colaesced (2002). These albums were lauded for their unique blend of UK-influenced dream pop with the atmospheric post-punk sound of the band’s early years. The culmination of these recordings, Coalesced, launched For Against’s association with the Minneapolis record label Words On Music, and earned the band numerous Album Of The Year nods.

After recording Coalesced, Hinrichs moved from Nebraska to Virginia. For two years the band's status was uncertain, but in August 2004 For Against reformed with original guitarist Harry Dingman, coinciding with the Words On Music re-release of Echelons (its first release on CD). In September 2005 Words On Music reissued December, adding two rare videos to the CD.

In March 2007 For Against played two shows in Athens, Greece and in November 2007 the band returned to Europe to play the Tanned Tin Festival in Spain with new drummer Nick Buller. In September 2007 Words On Music reissued In The Marshes, released for the first time on CD. Two bonus tracks were included on the release.

In March 2008 For Against toured Italy for the first time. In April 2008, Words On Music released For Against's 7th album, Shade Side Sunny Side. The album is a landmark record for the band, boasting the darkest and loudest For Against material to date. The album also marks original For Against guitarist Harry Dingman's first recordings with the band since 1988's classic December album. Track listing: Glamour, Underestimate, Why Are You So Angry?, Aftertaste, Friendly Fires, Game Over, Spirit Lake, Quiet Please, Irresistible. (Friendly Fires is a cover version of the song written by Factory Records' Section 25, from their debut album Always Now).

In October 2008 For Against returned to Europe, playing 12 dates in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands to promote the release of Shade Side Sunny Side.

For Against Bio from Discogs

Jeffrey Runnings (vocals, bass)

Harry Dingman III (guitar)

Nicholas Buller (drums)

Former members :

Greg Hill (drums)

Steven Hinrichs (guitar)

Paul Engelhard (drums)

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