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Mario Hernandez is From Bubblegum to Sky. It's a solo thing with a band-like moniker. Mario grew up in Japan and the first American records he ever heard were Kiss and Saturday Night Fever. He's heavily influenced by the Japanese pop music of the 70s -- disco-style songs with a real orchestra to back up the singers. His sophmore release "Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen" is the music equivalent of pop rocks -- yes, even better than bubblegum.

ARTISTdirect managed to grab a few minutes with Mario to discuss how he expresses himself, promotes his music and stays connected to his community.

How did you promote yourself and your music when you were first starting out?

We really didn't promote ourselves. We were too busy playing D&D.... Oops...I mean recording an album and didn't do any live shows until the LP was already a year out.

Did you ever doubt yourself or think about giving up?

I've never had anything to "give up" so we never gave much thought to/or to care of anything that might seem like success. That's for entertainers, not artists. The only thing I really care about is whether I can keep writing songs that "I" feel are any good.

What's the wackiest thing you ever did to try and get a gig or sell a record?

Tried to write good songs.

What other ways do you express yourself creatively outside your music?

I cook and pickle things.

How much did others encourage you to express yourself at an early age?

Not many. Maybe my mom. I started writing songs at 20 or so because my then girlfriend broke my heart and my band mate stop writing.

What is your community today, and how do you stay connected to it?

My community is poor people and I stay connected by not being greedy.

Do artists and musicians have a responsibility to be leaders in their communities?

No. I think all people have social responsibilities, whether it's donating food, clothes, or money.

Who do you aspire to be compared to?

The Beatles.

Who are you sick of being compared to?

The Beatles.

Do you think music can change the world?

1967's Sgt. Pepper album.

Have your political views changed over the years?

I'm more of an angry liberal now. I used to be a kind liberal.

Describe one of your proudest moments as a musician/performer/artist.

The show where my mom came to see me.

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