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    Genocide Biography

    Genocide (4) were a full-throttle, skull fucking rip-ride of hardcore sex, ghetto drugs, and berserk violence, a supersonic nailgun of Aquanet and mascara and spikes and splatterpunk and slutmetal. And this was way before most of that shit was even invented, brother. Led by shadowy charlatan and full-bore suicidal egomaniac Bobby EBZ, for one very brief but blinding moment in the late 80’s, Genocide threatened to rip rock n roll’s heart right out of it’s leather-clad chest and eat it whole. Besides a fashion sense that suggested needle Nazis from outer space, and a disposition just this side of liquored-up junkyard dogs, Genocide really ought to be remembered as one of the first bands to realize that there wasn't a whole lot of difference between the punk rock riot of GBH and the hellfire spit metal of Venom. So they played both at once.

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