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GEODESIUM (pronounced Gee-oh-dee-zee-um): a blending of the words "geodesic dome" and "planetarium", describing the environment which gave birth to the space music of Mark C. Petersen. Mark is unquestionably the most prolific composer for the medium, and the GEODESIUM name has become synonymous with planetarium music. Since 1978, more than 700 planetaria around the world have purchased Mark's original planetarium music for their shows, and GEODESIUM albums are popular items in planetarium gift shops. Mark uses Emulator and synthesizer sounds, blended in a rich, varied collection of original instrumental works. Relaxing yet provocative, GEODESIUM stylings embody "traditional" space music -- that ethereal, beautifully floating music that characterizes the genre -- as well as "new age"-style works and up-tempo, rhythmic sonic odysseys.

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