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    Gigi Biography

    She composes in her native Amharic tongue, but Ethiopian vocal sensation Gigi renders her songcraft in a universal language that reflects a multitude of influences. Gigi`s self-titled commercial debut for Palm Pictures represents a true world fusion of East and West African and Afro-Asiatic musical styles, melding at times with strains of Indian classical, western pop, jazz, funk, and other sounds both far-flung and familiar.

    From the opening notes of "Gud Fella," it`s clear that Gigi exudes a confidence and maturity rare among her generation (whether in Ethiopia, America or elsewhere), her beautifully resonant voice taking flight over lush horn arrangements, seamlessly layered rhythms and infectious melodies that together make her debut a new milestone in world and pop music. Produced by bassist, studio alchemist and world traveler Bill Laswell, the 13-song set also features performances from some giants of modern music, including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Pharoah Sanders, to name just a few.

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