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GIRL AUTHORITY: Rounder Records Releases New Girl-Power CD by Tweens

9 original personalities; 15 hit songs; 1 amazing group of friends – This is GIRL AUTHORITY, the newest singing sensation cresting the suddenly hot wave of music sung by and for kids. GIRL AUTHORITY’s eponymous CD, released on independent label Rounder Records, features covers of popular “girl power” hits from yesterday and today, including “Dancing Queen,” “Material Girl,” “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and “Hollaback Girl”. Six of the fifteen tracks on the CD are group vocals, highlighting the long-standing friendship among the GIRL AUTHORITY girls; the remaining nine tracks showcase the solo vocals and unique personalities of each girl.

“The girls”, as they’re known, are a group of friends ages 8 through 13 with lots of dreams. They want to keep their grades up, have a positive effect in the world, enjoy their various hobbies, and have fun together. They also want to perform. Ask these girls where they see themselves in 10 years, and none of them hesitate: “Singer, dancer, actress.” “I want to be on Broadway.” “I want to make records.” “As long I’m singing, I’ll be happy.” Their words overlap, as do their arms and legs. They lean against each other, giggle when one of them says something funny, and finish each other’s sentences. “We’ve been close friends for a long time,” says Tarr, one of the older members of the group at age 13. “Like sisters,” chimes in Zoë, the group’s youngest member at age 8. “We have a lot in common because we all love to sing and dance,” adds Kate, age 11, “but we’re different, too.” The girls created their own “Girl Authority names” reflecting their unique personalities. “Our Girl Authority names, as well as the songs we solo on, show that every girl can be herself,” says Crystal, also 11. “You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not to be part of GIRL AUTHORITY or to be a fan.”

The members of GIRL AUTHORITY are:
• Tarr, age 13, known as “Rock n’ Roll Girl”. Full of fire and spunk, she lends her powerhouse lead vocals to the track “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

• Jacqueline, age 13, known as “All-Star Girl”. Jacqueline is a softball fanatic who does her best on and off the field. She is a true team player, and her sweet, quiet determination to reach for the stars shines through on the lyrical “Breakaway”.

• Alex, age 13, known as “Fashion Girl”. Always in style, Alex is a clothes-crazy teenager whose bubbly girlishness is front and center in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

• Carly, age 13, known as “Glamour Girl”. Shyly elegant, Carly is a budding ballet dancer who sings winningly about the power of dancing in the infectious “Pon de Replay”.

• Jess, age 12, known as “Boho Girl”. Jess is a sunny, free-spirited sprite who goes with the flow and loves being outdoors. She selfassuredly grooves on the track “Karma”.

• Gina, age 12, known as “Urban Girl”. Sassy and independent, Gina is grounded and comfortable with herself. Her soaring vocals make for a lovely and strong version of “Beautiful”.

• Kate, age 11, known as “Party Girl”. Kate is energetic, social, and always looking for fun. Her “Get the Party Started” is infectiously cool.

• Crystal, age 11, known as “Country Girl”. Down-to-earth and adventurous, Crystal expresses her “game for anything” philosophy in the spirited “Don’t Worry About a Thing”.

• Zoë, age 8, known as “Preppy Girl”. The “little sis” of the group, this cute schoolgirl’s youthful and innocent zest is showcased in the classic “Shop Around”.

Rounder Records, the independent record label based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been a strong presence in the children’s music genre through its Rounder Kids imprint. “It felt very natural to ‘grow’ with our kids’ audience and branch out into the tween market,” says GIRL AUTHORITY producer Scott Billington. “We’ve put together a quality product that kids and their parents will enjoy. The girls are very talented and polished, having trained for years under Samantha Hammel (GIRL AUTHORITY’s Executive Producer). Also, we enlisted a top-notch group of New Orleans musicians to lay down the tracks for the CD.” Initially, Billington hired the Crescent City musicians to record in New Orleans in the fall of 2005. When Hurricane Katrina derailed these plans, Rounder delayed the recording sessions to accommodate the musicians displaced by the disaster. Billington ultimately was able to gather the musicians in Lafayette, Louisiana. “It was important to me, and to Rounder as a company, to stand by these musicians,” says Billington. “New Orleans may have been devastated by Katrina, but it’s very clear that the talents of the city live on.”

Friendship, individuality, girl-power punch and terrific musicians: This is GIRL AUTHORITY. Perhaps Urban Girl Gina, age 12, sums it up best. “It’s fun,” she says. “GIRL AUTHORITY is a bunch of music-loving girls having fun and sharing the fun with other kids.”

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