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Discography æIn Spite of HarryÆs Toe Nail æ RCA / AACD031 Released 1971 / 1999 æLady LakeÆ RCA / SIWAN SRMC 1022 Released 1972 / 1995 æLive 1972Æ due for release Sept 1999 ÆGnosisÆ due for release November 1999 æThe Goldring Brothers û Live at Molly MaloneÆsÆ Due for release January 2000

Colin and Stewart Goldring

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Gnidrolog in Cairns Australia 1999 û left to right Chris Lloyds û backing vocals, Nigel Pegrum û drums, flute, Stewart Goldring û guitars, Ash Dargan û Didjeridoos, Colin Goldring û recorders, lead vocals, Rick Kemp û bass guitar

Twins Colin and Stewart Goldring originally formed GNIDROLOG in 1969. After teaming up with Nigel Pegrum [drums, flute and oboe] and Peter Mars Cowling, [bass guitar, cello] they were signed to RCA records and produced 2 of the finest progressive rock albums in the history of contemporary music. GNIDROLOGÆs Innovative, challenging, complex yet emotional music was both inspiring and creative. They were responsible for setting the standard that many better-known artists aspired to. Both of their RCA albums have become essential listening for progressive music fans throughout the world and their classic track æ I Could Never Be a SoldierÆ is surely one of the best anti war songs of its time. Their music was way ahead of its time and hardly aimed at the commercial market, leading to the bandÆs split in 1972. Nigel Pegrum went on to join Steeleye Span and then The Baron Knights and Peter Cowling teamed up with Pat Travers Band for a long and illustrious career as a premiere bass man in his own right. Twins Colin and Stewart then worked as session musicians for many years playing on numerous albums for a vast range of artists and producers including Leiber and Stoller, Peter Straker, John Kirkpatrick, Tim Hart, Yes and Rosie Hardman. Colin and Stewart also met with considerable success during the punk era as they produced highly successful records incognito under assumed names for Caroline International. They have been performing for the last ten years as The Goldring Brothers in the UK playing rock and roll in the commercial market.

It was the successful re release of their RCA albums that led the brothersÆ Goldring to re assess their musical career and they then chose in 1999 to return to making progressive albums. In April they journeyed to Cairns in Australia to record a brand new Gnidrolog album [Gnosis] with their original drummer Nigel Pegrum and ex Steeleye Span / Michael Chapman bass player, Rick Kemp. Colin and Stewart are now Elder Statesmen for the progressive rock movement and intend to perform in Europe and the US to promote their new album. The Goldrings will be performing both unplugged concerts and as a 4/5-piece band in the near future, collaborating with some of the world finest session musicians including Steve Timms and Martin Coogan from the UK. Colin and StewartÆs own high level of musicianship was attained as classical musicians. Stewart studied Classical guitar and Piano at the Blackheath Conservatoire later becoming a Senior Lecturer in Music and Colin is recognised as a fine recorder player, having played sessions for numerous artists. Stewart also worked with John Stevens the jazz percussionist and composer, later becoming a Composer and Experimenter in atonal and improvised music

Many reviewers, musicians and listeners of progressive music rightly recognise the enormous contribution the Goldring Brothers have made to contemporary music. It is going to be a joy to hear them perform once again. J.K. 1999

ôGnidrolog û wonderful, wonderfulààà..ö John Peel Radio 1 BBC

ôàà.yes, this is also one of the few progressive rock bands without any keyboards at all, but with such excellency as this you'll not miss it.ö New Sonic Architecture

ôàà.I have a deep appreciation of this bands easy progressive feel, especially their ability to simultaneously soothe and energize the listener.ö GW

ô GNIDROLOGÆs music was ahead of itÆs time. Complex, i intense, tight, raunchy, rocking and progressive just about describes it, while their lyrics run the gamut of deep and political to irreverent and humorous.ö àEve Diamond û San Francisco for Audio Archives 98

Gnidrolog: Lady Lake - Rating: **** Reviewed by: Peter Pardo ( from Washingtonville, NY I first heard of this band in the Gentle Giant newsletter, Proclamation, a few years back, and it peaked my interest enough to search around for this release. Recently I picked it up at Greg Walker's Syn-Phonic Records, and I must say it was worth the waitàààààààààö

ôThese albums of progressive rock are sometimes dramatic, often disjointed, but in places contain some interesting and uncommercial music. This is epitomised by tracks like Long Live Man Dead on the first album, which also contains some pleasant woodwind accompaniment. As one might expect, they did not sell well and have become quite rare.ö ààà..Delirium Psychedelic Archive

ôThe sheer innovation and complexity of Gnidrolog's music during this 'period of awakening' is a testament to their groundbreaking exploits in combining dark, frenzied, downer-rock with uplifting classically inspired medieval passages amidst stark, desolate vocals. A thoroughly unique masterpiece [ ôIn Spite of..ö] for aficionados of 'life-and-death' plainsong.ö P Sarfas UK

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