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    Godhead Biography

    We have made it to the 21st Century. What was billed as the information age has quickly devolved into the age of inundation by meaningless, white noise data. Rising above the din are the Washington, DC based underground cult heroes gODHEAD. Years of hard work caught the attention of modern rock visionary Marilyn Manson, who signed gODHEAD as the first band to his newly formed label, Posthuman Records. The final result is the band's Posthuman debut, 2000 Years Of Human Error, set for release on January 23, 2001.

    Produced by Danny Saber (Black Sabbath, Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones) and mixed by John X Volaitis (Orgy, Marilyn Manson, Korn), 2000 Years Of Human Error captures the visceral aspects of the band's live performance, while highlighting the growth of the band's radical programming talents that give gODHEAD its unique razor-sharp edge.

    From Jason Miller's aggressive and passionate vocals, to the sonic wizardry of bassist and programmer The Method, anchored by the driving musical force of guitarist Mike Miller and drummer James O'Connor, with 2000 Years of Human Error gODHEAD has captured in the studio, the heart and soul of the sound they honed over the past six years without compromising the pure power of their live performances.

    As Executive Producer, Marilyn Manson oversaw development of the entire album. He played an essential role in taking gODHEAD to the next aesthetic level and aiming them towards the future. "He gave us direction on where he thought things should go," explains Jason Miller. "He worked quite a bit on `Sinking' and `Eleanor Rigby.' In a way, we both come from the same place - underground industrial goth rock. But obviously he's somewhere else now.and he's trying to bring us up there!"

    Marilyn Manson and Reeves Gabrels (longtime guitarist for David Bowie) were two of the notable guests on 2000 Years. Manson lent his vocals to "Break You Down," while Gabrels played guitar on and co-produced "Tired Old Man." "'Break You Down' is a `destroy your enemy' type of song," explains Jason, "but it's also laced with satire, so having Manson was perfect for it. And Reeves has been a friend of the band's for several years. He does amazing things with the guitar and guitar synths, so we had him throw his flare into `Tired Old Man.' Everybody in the band has been a David Bowie fan as long as we can remember -- especially the newer stuff like `Outside' and `Earthling' that Reeves co-produced and had a huge part in. It was great to get some of that cool energy on our album."

    gODHEAD, built a strong local following playing clubs in and around Washington, DC, eventually winning support slots on tours with bands like GWAR, Genitorturers and Christian Death, to name a few. The band also released three independent albums: gODHEAD (1994), Nothingness (1996) and Power Tool Stigmata (1998), which captured the attention of the underground rock press, and along with nonstop touring, helped to spread the band's fan base from the capitol city to the rest of the States and across the Atlantic to Europe and the UK.

    Building their sound around the passion and musical proficiency of bands such as the Cure and Pink Floyd, gODHEAD uses modern electronics to create music that combines the best of the past and present. "We wanted something that captures our live sound - the raw toughness, but something that also shows our electronic side," says Jason. "I try not to listen to anything current. Instead I go back to the old records that influenced me. It's not like I try to avoid the radio like the plague, but I think if you stay true to why you got into music and not pay too much attention to what's going on around you, you have a much better chance of sounding unique." And on 2000 Years Of Human Error, gODHEAD has certainly achieved that goal.

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