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    Griffin Biography

    It all started in March of 1999 in a garage in Moringside Sioux City,Iowa. Four guys and their dream of making music for people to enjoy (and to relieve stress for themselves) came together. Here Tim Giles(Drums), Mike(Gutiar), Tim Stanik(Bass) and Jeremy Robinson(Vocals) would begin to create Griffin. Althought very slow and almost hopeless Griffin struggled to invent their style. I asked Jeremy what was it like in the begining " We statred off with simple ideas and worked from there, as time went on we could tell that we were becoming more creative with our music and that people liked it to my surprize". Althought very young, Griffin has come along way and I see that their future is not bleak at all in fact with every show they put on you can see that Doors are opening for them.

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