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Legendary and influential punk/hardcore trio which formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in 1979. Hüsker Dü (which means "Do You Remember" in Danish and Norwegian) mixed pop and punk music and consisted of guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould, bassist Greg Norton and drummer Grant Hart. They started out as an aggressive hardcore thrash band before challenging that genre's restrictions and expanding to other musical formats. After releasing a string of innovative albums, Hüsker Dü split in 1988 due to Grant Hart's alcohol and drug problems and suicide of band's manager David Savoy Jr., who was considered an important part of the band. Bob Mould went on to form Sugar (5), while Grant Hart formed Nova Mob with both of them disbanding respective groups in the mid 90s and going only with solo projects . Greg Norton is no longer in the music business, and he became a succesful restaurant owner.

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