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Since their debut performance, HARMONY RILEY has made a powerful impression on every audience they have encountered. Their rootsy unconventional sound has helped them gain a strong following throughout the Midwest.

The poetic rangeful vocals and efficacious lead guitar of Miles Nielsen is complemented by the inventive rhythm guitar style of Brent Stenberg. The precise beats and stylistic fills of Daxx Nielsen, who also has 12 years of classical piano training. Rounding out this young and talented quartet is the 5 string pop bass groove of Bighed.

Their debut album, TIME, was recorded and mixed by engineer Steve Albini (Page and Plant, Nirvana, Bush, Veruca Salt). The album is a powerful statement of the versatility and strength of this young and talented quartet. Their artistic influences come through with creative funk groove arrangements combined with clever pop hooks that attract the underground music follower and pop radio fan alike. TIME firmly illustrates HARMONY RILEYƆs diverse musical style and songwriting capabilities making it one of the best new independent releases of the year.

HARMONY RILEY has attained feverish grassroots support from all over the Midwest giving them the opportunity to do what they love most, perform their music live. HARMONY RILEY has a contagious live energy that is unmatched by any band on the regional scene. Their creative and unpredictable sets are rich in earthy soul and eclectic rock and roll influences. They bring their songs to life with skillful expression and catchy rhythms leaving their audiences with a generous dose of entertainment and style.

The rich and vivid work of HARMONY RILEY documents the determined nature of this true rock and soul band.

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