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Hawksley Workman Biography

I was very certainly born and raised on an old highway near a cold, spring-fed lake. I fell asleep to the sound of night trains coming through summer windows. During the day I drifted in the sky on a kite carefully fastened to a button on my shirtsleeve. By days end, the wind would die to a light breeze landing me home in time for dinner.

When I got older, it was my wintertime job to cut ice from the lake for my familyÆs summer cold storage. After hacking away at the frozen shoreline, I would eventually free a jagged ice block that I could manage on my toboggan ride home.

I loved the winter birds along the forest route from warm cabin to frozen lake. The pretty red cardinalÆs songs breaking the bleak mid-winter quiet, as stubborn pheasants burrowed themselves in snow banks to shelter from the wind.

After finishing my schooling, I was encouraged to leave my life in the forest and move to the city. I did. I arrived by train early on a Wednesday wearing a woven suit. After gathering my things I set out to find work. I knocked on doors and answered signs posted in shop windows. At the end of my nine-day search I was discouraged, and I decided I was nearing the end of my tolerance for the big city. Something wonderful happened. On my way back to the train stop, I investigated a help wanted sign in the door of a tap dance academy.

I spoke briefly with the principal instructor and it was decided that I would start immediately. It as my job to polish the rental shoes, keep the record player needle free of dust and lint, and mop and finish the dance floor at the end of every day of classes. In return I got a modest wage, a cot next door to the broom closet, and the opportunity to join the beginnerÆs afternoon class. In getting this job my whole life changed. I became obsessed with tap dancing and the music at the academy. I hardly used the old cot set for me. Practicing the nights away, I soon became one of the schoolÆs top dancers, all the while maintaining my caretaker responsibilities.

At the age of 24, I still work and dance at the academy. I do regular Sunday dance recitals, and have performed before the Dutch Royal Family, commemorating their visit to the Capital. I am very excited to share my first recording, For Him and the Girls, with you. It is a collection of some of my very favourite songs. This music is wonderful for listening to while youÆre falling in love. But most of all, this music is perfect for dancing.

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