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How fan-friendly of a band is Hawthorne Heights? Put it this way: When we sent this list of fan-submitted questions off to Victory Records, HH drummer Eron Bucciarelli sent back his answers less than 24 hours later. Granted, this was before the release of their much-anticipated second album If Only You Were Lonely, and before they hit the road on the biggest tour of their careers with Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects. But still, we were pretty blown away. Most bands take 24 days to do email interviews.

Hawthorne Heights aren't your typical band in many ways. They have a sound that bleeds freely into several different genres: emo, hardcore, punk, indie. They've loyally stuck with indie label Victory Records at a stage in their career when most bands would be making the leap to the majors. And they're nice guys who vent their angst onstage instead of in trashing hotel rooms.

Here's what Eron had to say in response to some of our users' questions:

1. Myrna Foster from Troy, Ohio asked:
Where did you grow up and how did you start playing music together?

Eron: I grew up in New Jersey, JT grew up in West Virginia, Micah, Casey and Matt grew up in Ohio. JT moved to Troy, Ohio with a former band. That band eventually broke up and he joined A Day In The Life. ADITL played around Dayton and toured regionally whenever possible. When he moved from West Virginia, JT became friends with Micah. When a former guitarist quit ADITL, JT asked Micah to join.

I had moved out to Dayton to go to college at the University of Dayton. Upon finishing I played in local bands around town just for fun. Nothing serious. In those bands we shared the stage with ADITL and I met JT and Micah. When the drummer quit they asked me to join. Shortly after joining, our other guitarist quit. Our bass player at the time (Nick Testa - who is currently filling in for Bayside) knew Casey from former bands. We asked Casey to join. Then finally Nick decided he wasn't into what we were playing at the time and chose to leave to pursue other projects. Casey knew Matt from former bands and we asked him to join. It was at this time we changed our name to Hawthorne Heights.

2. Joshua from Lynchburg, VA asked:
What do you think makes you guys different from every other emo rock band out there?

We get this question a lot and its probably one of the toughest to answer. The obvious is we have three guitarists, which enables us to re-create the sounds on our CD live to more accuracy than most bands. I also think we try to draw listeners in with both musical and lyrical hooks. I think we have a dynamic which a lot of bands don't and that is that we create happy parts, sad parts, heavy and poppy parts all within the same song.

3. Yagmur Tok from Istanbul, Turkey asked:
What do you think about the whole "Emo kid" stereotype?

I think its funny and its just that, a stereotype....

4. George Cappello from Clermont, FL asked:
You guys always seem to do your best to meet and greet with every fan that goes to your shows. Has there been one fan that really stands out, in a good, bad, or crazy way?

We definitely try our hardest to meet our fans. We're super grateful to be where we are today and we wouldn't be here without them. So we always make a point to meet them and say thank you face to face as much as possible. I'm sure there are different fans that stick out in everyone's head...but for me there is a fan of ours down in Louisiana. Her mom, who's in a wheelchair, drives her all over the country to see us. She brings her dog with her sometimes, a wiener dog (if my memory serves me) and she has a HH tattoo!

5. Kelsey from Decatur, IL asked:
Have you ever played a concert for high school students?

I think all of our concerts are for high school students even though they aren't in a high school. We have a pretty young fanbase. Hehe.

6. Natasha Clayton from Haysville, NC asked:
How did you get the name?

Matt came up with it. It means nothing really. I made up a fake explanation about it relating to Nathaniel Hawthorne when we first started because I thought it would make us seem more serious.

7. Travis Kennett from Monroe, MI asked:
How do you get noticed by girls?

I personally try NOT to get noticed by girls as I'm married but if you're asking for help on how to meet girls yourself, I'd say be yourself, be confident and don't rush anything.

8. Cristal from Hollister, CA asked:
I love you guys. What bands do you guys love?

The bands I love are totally different from the bands the other guys listen to or love. We have some common loves like Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World, but that's basically where it ends as far as bands we all love. I love Quicksand and everything Walter Schreifels has ever been a part of. Bayside is by far my favorite band that's out there right now. We've been through so much together and I love those guys like brothers. Also, the Foo Fighters are another band I love!

9. Sydney from Chandler, AZ asked:
I noticed that most of Hawthorne Heights songs are about love and girls. Who in the group is single and who's off limits?

Just because the songs might seem like they're about love, JT sometimes just uses love as a metaphor for other things in his life. It's something that most people can relate to in one way or another I suppose. We're all in relationships...sorry!

10. Ashley Smith from Talcum, KY asked:
Hey, I just wanted to say that I LOVE you guys...you ROCK!!!!! The question that I would like to ask is who is your greatest inspiration...and why.

I think my greatest inspiration from a musical perspective is Dave Grohl. He's an amazing musician, I admire his accomplishments and hope to have such a lengthy and successful musical career myself. I also admire people like Russell Simmons and others who started from nothing and have achieved great things in life.

11. Laura from South Bend, Indiana asked:
Do you guys ever fight or is it generally pretty mellow?

When you're traveling with four other people 90% of the year in close quarters, little things can get under your skin, but we've been fortunate to not have any major conflicts.

12. Kia from Keizer, Oregon asked:
What would be the most unique thing a fan has ever done for you?

We've had fans make visual interpretations of our songs on canvas, bake us cookies and paint their car with our lyrics. No two fans do the same thing for us...they're really all unique. I know that may seem like a safe answer, but its true.

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Hawthorne Heights Bio from Discogs

Emo-punk band from Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

Formed in 2001 as A Day In The Life, the band soon went through some changes in lineup and musical direction, which led also to a name change.

They released their debut album, "The Silence In Black And White", in 2004 on Victory Records.

On November 24th, 2007, Casey Calvert died in his sleep while being on tour with the band.


Casey Calvert (deceased) - guitar, backing vocals

Chris "Poppy" Popadak - drums

Mark McMillon - vocals, guitar

Matt Ridenour - bass

JT Woodruff - vocals, guitar

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