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    Hellion Biography

    Hellion is the only heavy metal band that has the destinction of being formed in a real haunted house! The band got together in 1982 for the purpose of performing at a 4th of July party at the locally infamous mansion where then-keyboard player, Ann Boleyn, resided.

    By the following December, Hellion had already landed a record deal with a local punk label (Mystic Records), And within another year, they were spotted by famed metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio, who produced them and took the act on tour.

    Over the years, Hellion's line-up has changed many times. However, the one person holding together the band is Ann Boleyn. In addition to a string of very successful albums, MTV videos, and other accomplishments, Ann Boleyn has also made a name for herself both as "Rock and Roll's Ambasador" and as the founder of a record company which has given many currently succesful acts their first break! It was through Ann Boleyn's effort that her band Hellion, became the first US rock band ever to do a full tour of the then-Soviet Union.

    Ann Boleyn is currently in the recording studio working with famed producer Mikey Davis, whose credits include KISS, Korn, and many other gold and platinum-selling acts. Look for the new album in late 1999. In the meanwhile, fans may wish to check out some of Hellion's early albums which have recenly been re-released and/or re-mastered.

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