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Holocaust is one of metal’s most influential and enduring bands. Tributes have been paid by no less than Metallica ("The Small Hours"), Six Feet Under ("Death or Glory"), and Gamma Ray ("Heavy Metal Mania"), among others. These few examples illustrate -- with the subtlety of a brick to the head -- how many different styles of metal Holocaust has impacted.

Founding member and principal songwriter John Mortimer (guitar, vocals) has written some of the genre’s most intelligent and unique works. For example, 1997's concept album Covenant is based on The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever by Stephen R. Donaldson. Mortimer’s styles are diverse, and his presentation of stellar musicianship and thoughtful lyrics combine to make music that cannot simply be heard; it must be experienced.

Lead guitarist John McCullim, like Mortimer, hails from Edinburgh. A longtime friend and supporter of Holocaust, McCullim joined the band in 2000. He brings an incredibly smooth and fluid style, evoking thoughts (at least for this listener) of a heavy metal Hendrix. Without his guitar, McCullim would cease to exist.

Bassist Bryan Bartley joined Holocaust in early 2001. In addition to his previous experience in different areas of the music business, his personality is expressed in his playing: positive, driven, and reliable. Bartley was Holocaust’s first US member and currently resides in Seattle, WA.

Drummer Ron Levine is Holocaust's newest member. An 11-year fan, Levine jumped at the opportunity to join in April 2001. His Holocaust web page, originally published as a tribute site, now serves as the official Holocaust band page. Levine lives in his native Boston, MA and played with area bands in the ’80s and ’90s.

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