Our Bio by honeyhoney (aka Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe)

Hello. Rock band bios are interesting things. Much of the time they are a laundry list of approximate comparisons, a few quotes from reputable sources, and a quick update on the current activities of the band. Change is in the air however. Inspired by the band Tenacious D and 70's game shows, we have decided to engage in a "Friendship Test" format: Ben will be answering for Suzanne and Suzanne will be answering for Ben. All band disputes will be settled privately. If you are disappointed, please direct your concerns to our management.

1. What is your musical background?

Ben: Suzanne learned how to sing from musical theater and was obsessed with Mariah Carey and Disney cartoon movie soundtracks. She sang "Part Of Your World" as her fifth grade choir solo while wearing a fin.

Suzanne: I believe it to be true that Ben Jaffe came out of the womb crying as most babies do, except his crying had rhythm and incredible pitch. In his adolescent years, young Jaffe started off in the percussion realm, playing the drums in various jazz bands and being way too cool for his age. He also had a mentor named Randy Kaye who taught him about the importance of the sounds he was creating.

2.Where are you from?

Ben: She's from Strongsville Ohio.

Suzanne: Ben was born in New York and lived there for a short time before heading off to the great state of Massachusetts.

3. How did you meet each other and when?
Ben: Through a mutual friend known as "The Double". "The Double" is a recording engineer I work with doing songwriting for other artists and TV shows. At the time Suzanne was acting and playing solo and “The Double” took me to see her. I thought she was foxy and eventually we started writing together.

4. Why are you a good team?

Suzanne: We're a good team because when we disagree on something, we physically beat the tar out of each other until someone yells uncle. I feel this is a quick and easy problem solver and that most bands should operate this way as it really helps create new vessels of creativity... just kidding. I think we're a great team because we respect the shit out of each other and are constantly trying to find ways to be better musicians and songwriters. We also have a lot of fun making music.

5. How would you describe your music?

Ben: Suzanne would say something along the lines of "Rocktastic" or "Freeky Deeky"

Suzanne: Ben would say that we are basically pop music.

6. What/who are your influences?

Ben: I think Suzanne sounds like a mix of Billy Holiday, Chrissie Hynde, and Jack Black.

Suzanne: Ben's influences are D’Angelo, Gershwin, Randy Newman, Brian Wilson and Satan.

7. What are your goals for being the band?

Ben: I think Suzanne just wants to be close to me. Also to be able to make all her own choices in terms of what she does with her life.

Suzanne: I think that Ben really just wants to keep writing great songs and to be able to sleep with as many women as possible while out on the road. He also wants to use music as a gateway for his professional basketball career.

8. What is the motivation behind your music/lyrics?

Ben and Suzanne (loudly, in unison): To tell a good story.

9. How/when do you write? Describe the honeyhoney songwriting process.

Suzanne and Ben: The honeyhoney songwriting process is as follows: Sometimes we write songs together, sometimes Ben writes songs on his own, and sometimes Suzanne writes songs on her own that she and Ben then work on together.

10. Do you currently have an album out? If so, tell us about it.

Ben and Suzanne: Our debut record entitled First Rodeo is coming out November 4th. We recorded it at Ironworks Studios with Jude Cole producing. Four of the songs are from our EP Loose Boots and seven of them are songs we've been working on and playing since we started the band. We had a ridiculously good group of players work with us in the studio and we feel that all the different ingredients combined to form an unexpectedly delicious rock sauce. We've never been more proud of something we've been a part of.

We hope this has been informative and useful, and if you buy/illegally download one EP this year, let it be ours.

Ben and Suzanne (honeyhoney)

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