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Some bands toil in obscurity for years before anyone discovers them, while many great acts are never “discovered” at all.

I Am Ghost are not one of those bands.

Long Beach’s I Am Ghost -- vocalist Steven Juliano, violinist/vocalist Kerith Telestai, bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Brian Telestai, guitarists Gabriel Iraheta and Timoteo Rosales and drummer Ryan Seaman -- initially formed in late 2004 and self-recorded their debut EP We Are Always Searching a scant few months later for the sole purpose of booking shows locally. However, not even the band were ready for the reaction their self-produced release received.

“It never crossed our minds that we would get signed off the demo,” Juliano admits. “We’d stay up all night burning CD-Rs the night before any punk show we could think of -- and the next day our inbox would be flooded with emails from people who loved it,” he continues. In fact, before the band had played a single show, I Am Ghost had given away thousands of copies of We Are Always Searching.

After playing a pivotal first show opening for Tsunami Bomb last year, the band signed to Epitaph who re-released the EP and recruited the band to write the full-length you’re now holding in your hands. “Most bands put out an EP and then go and tour to promote it, but as soon as we got signed we immediately started writing,” Juliano explains. While the band did find time to do select dates on Take Action! and Vans Warped Tour, Lovers’ Requiem will be most people’s introduction to the Band - and we can’t think of a better way to make a first impression.

A cinematic tale of monumental proportions, Lovers’ Requiem is a love story between good and evil, heaven and hell, and demons and angels, ultimately culminating in “This Is Home”, a cacophonous rocker that shows why the band describe their music as “epicore.” “Before a single song was written, we sat down and figured out the entire plot on a storyboard,” Juliano explains. “It’s essentially a rock opera, but for hardcore or goth kids.”

While vampire imagery and eye makeup are certainly nothing new these days, it’s the way I Am Ghost seamlessly juxtapose gothic imagery with startling musicianship and eclectic influences that makes them stand out from the rest of today’s Hot Topic-clad rockers. “Our biggest obstacle is trying to incorporate the ideas that are floating around in all six of our heads,” explains Kerith. “We all write, so there are so many genres inside of each song. We spend most of our time trying to piece them together so they make sense.”

From the first notes of the Latin choir that opens “Crossing The River Styx” to the sinister minor key riffing of “Killer Likes Candy” to the moshworthy and melodic feel of “Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Die,” trust us, lyrics about corpses and demigods haven’t ever sounded so catchy -- and they’ve certainly never been sung via flawless three-part harmonies.

But don’t take our word for it. Clear off your desk, turn up your stereo and get lost in the jaw dropping grandeur of Lovers’ Requiem for yourself. No matter whether you’re rooting for good or evil, Lovers’ Requiem won’t disappoint.

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