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Isabel was born in Seville, Spain, in a hot August day. She was born to a family of artists, her father was a member of a very well know Flamenco group called "Los gaditanos" and her mother was a Flamenco dancer. Though coming from a family of artists, Isabel was brought up in a very humble way. She first got on stage at the age of seven in an act were her father used to appear. Her first break came in the early sventies when whilst working ia a spanish night club(which were then known as "Tablao"), she was spotted by composers Leon and Solana. At the time this men were "THE" composers of the spanish folk, composing for Divas like:Juana Reina, Concha Piquer among others. Her first record was "Pajaro verde", followed by hits after hits after hits. In 1984 just eighteen months after getting married with a very famous bull fighter known as "Paquirri", she widowed when he was killed in the bull ring. She stayed away from the stages till late 1985 when she reappeared stronger than ever remaing at the top of the spanish folklore.
She is & will remain being "Queen Of The copla"..Copla meaning Spanish Folk music like flamenco, cancion Espanola etc. Her latest release has been a self titled album, which was released last Sept, 1998. She's currently touring Spain.

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A popular contemporary Spanish singer, of partial Romani (Gypsy) origin, born on 2 August 1956, in the Triana district of Seville, Spain. She has released more than a dozen albums throughout a career spanning many decades, and is known for her distinctive Andalusian style.

She is the sister of Agustín Pantoja.

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