Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Biography

Born 20th of May 1959, full-blooded Hawaiian born artist Israel released several CD's and got his break in the U.S. when a Radio DJ in California played his version of the Judy Garland written song 'Somewhere over the rainbow' from his 'Facing Future' album, a simple song with his voice and a Ukulele in a traditional Hawaiian performance. Israel or 'Iz' is the most popular and legendary artist that came from Hawaii and never seem to be forgotten by the citizens.

He died 26th of June 1997 of heart failure due to his massive body weight of over 900 pounds (400 Kilos). Today, 'Somewhere over the rainbow' is widely used in commercials and movies and is still popular over 10 years after since that rainy day in California where people heard it on the radio for the first time. And the album 'Facing Future' has sold over 1 million on worldwide basis.

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