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    J*Davey Biography

    What do you get when you mix a bold, modelesque, mohawked chick with a boys name and an electro-funk-soul, uber-hip robotica boy with a name fit for a girl? What happens when you blend 1-part Electronica, 2-parts Soul, and a sprinkle of Funk and Hip-Hop? What do you think evolves when you take a little bit of yesterday, a little more of today, and a whole bunch of tomorrow and throw it in a boiling pot of magic musical fusion?

    Well, by definition, you have whipped up a hot, undeniable batch of J*DaVeY, a duo with a sound that screams of past, present, and future influences. Their progressive Soul melodies are infused with New Wave electronic impulses that mesh so beautifully it is almost impossible to put a label on it. Thus, the connection between the mysteriously androgynous name and the new sound becomes simple and plain: J*DaVeY is new food for the malnourished musical soul. Thank goodness...music finally tastes good again!

    Born with music in their veins, both Jack Davey and Brook D'Leau were products of the growing music video age that finally allowed consumers to visualize what they were listening to. By way of St. Louis, MO, Jack Davey was exposed to Classic Jazz and hints of late seventies Jazz Fusion before being introduced to eighties R&B and the new sound of Hip-Hop music. By the time she relocated to Los Angeles at the tender age of 8, her musical tastes and dreams of performing landed her in an all-girl singing group that signed to MCA Records in the early-90s. Although this group never released any material, the studio and songwriting experience prepared Jack for what was to come. Los Angeles born partner Brook D'Leau was surrounded by the New Wave & Pop-Rock sound by way of Prince, Talking Heads, and The Police. The youngster began to bang out interestingly melodic instrumental tracks in his father's home studio after school and on weekends simply for fun, but never thought of taking a career in music seriously. Through their youth it was evident that music would change their futures, and once introduced by a mutual friend in high school the two young musical masterminds decided to put plans for a partnership into motion.

    Jack and D'Leau came together in the studio like hand in glove. While their sound was solely Hip-Hop in the beginning, Jack began to incorporate soul singing into their songs, and there was something about the raspy character in her voice and her striking songwriting that further transformed their sound as a whole. Brook added touches of synth keyboards in place of the classic rhodes sound heard in the Neo-Soul songs that were so popular at the time. He also began playing with song structures by adding melodic changes, thus giving Jack a bigger and more eclectic canvas to paint her words on. The duo strived to deliver music that break typical Soul music barriers by further transforming themselves into Electro-Soul carriers.

    Fast forward to the present and the duo is being heralded as a cross between Prince, Missing Persons, and Radiohead with traces of Funk and some future sound that has yet to be named. Recently signed to the rock division of Warner Bros Records, J*DaVeY music has been licensed for episodes on the popular television drama "CSI: New York", as well as Snoop Dogg's latest film "Bossin' Up". Their demo songs, which were first leaked on music networks in cyber-space, are being played on various radio stations in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, as well overseas by way of popular and award-winning radio personalities Gilles Peterson, Benji B, and Berry King. Hit record-makers such as Prince and ?uestlove of the Roots have witnessed the duo in action in sold-out venues such as 3121 at the Rio in Las Vegas, Radio City Music Hall in New York City, and the House of Blues in Anaheim.

    The launch of their independent website has provided the group with a very supportive and worldly cult fanbase, as the site averages approximately 100,000 hits per month, and major music publications such as The Fader (May/June '05), URB Magazine (March '06), Xlr8r (March '06), and Filter Magazine (summer '07) have written clever features on the group. J*DaVeY has also turned heads with their independently funded debut music video for their electro-funky song, "Mr. Mister". Place them in the same category as fellow melody makers, but don't box them in based on the company they keep. Sit back and listen to such grooves as the Prince inspired "privateparts", and the pounding thump of rock heavy jam "divisions of joy" and you will be more than convinced that J*DaVeY is new age musical sustenance for next level consumers who are aching to have their bellies filled. Bon appetit!

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