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Country/Americana singer Jason Whitton spent the first few years of his life in a small rural Texas town named Bryan before his family moved to Houston in the early '70s. The first record he can remember listening to was a greatest hits collection from Elvis Presley, a treasured gift from his grandmother. Growing up in the south where country music is prevalent, it would be years before he would discover a band named The Beatles.

Whitton has sung and performed most of his life and credits hearing the Garth Brooks country anthem, "The Dance," as the moment he started thinking about singing and songwriting on a professional level. After heading west and moving to California in 1990, Jason’s parents bought him a classical guitar as a symbolic gift to wish him luck in the pursuance of his career. At first, he tried playing the thing right-handed, but just like Ziggy Stardust, he played the guitar left-handed. Stringing it up-side-down, he soon began playing constantly and writing songs to sing for friends.

"People ask me, 'Where do you get your inspiration?' And I always tell them that normal people inspire me to write the songs I do. I feel that everyone has a story worth telling. Interesting things happen to regular people. So, I just try to listen for things that spark the writer in me. I try to tell stories that are honest, stories that are personal and stories that somehow touch people on some universal level. It is an ongoing process that I constantly work on. I also write songs about things that have happened to me, because I'm a regular person as well."

Whitton recently finished his debut CD, ThriftStore Cowboy, set for a February 7, 2006 release on V A V V Records. The CD was produced by Sebastian Sheehan and Jon Mattox and was recorded at Bright Orange Studios in Los Angeles. Jason plans to tour throughout 2006 in local and national venues. Don't miss this up and coming singer-songwriter who is bound to make waves in the Americana and Country music communities.

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