Jeff Johnson Biography

New age - jazz - contemporary christian music producer - composer - label owner

Born in 1956, based in Camano Island, WA. Owns Ark Records (2)

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Jef Lee Johnson: Late Soulquarian guitarist with groups Jef Lee Johnson & The Wordy Mimes, Rob Reddy's Honor System, Rob Reddy's Quttah, Ronald Shannon Jackson And The Decoding Society, Ursus Minor

Jeffery Lee Johnson, Jr.: Hip hop rapper - songwriter, a.k.a. Roscoe Dash

Jeffrey Johnson: Classical music singer - educator - voice instructor - theatre artist - chant practitioner

Jeffrey Johnson (2): Electronic music songwriter - producer a.k.a. OK Vancouver OK active since the late 00's

Jeffrey Johnson (3): Late guitarist - singer - songwriter - engineer from Wisconsin with A.O.Rockers Another Carnival, active in the late 80's - early 90's

Jeff Johnson (2): U.S. singer - songwriter - producer, close associate of Chris Cox

Jeff Johnson (3): Guitarist with Midnight Call, active in the mid 90's

Jeff Johnson (4): Bassist with Jason & The Scorchers, active since the early 80's

Jeff Johnson (5): Engineer based in Kansas, U.S., active in the late 80's - early 90's

Jeff Johnson (6): Drummer with the punk rockers O Pioneers!!! active in the late 00's

Jeff Johnson (7): Musician - songwriter with the Opera Beggars along with Caleb Lindskoog, active in the 90's

Jeff Johnson (8): Jazz bassist from Minnesota

Jeff Johnson (9): Saxophonist with post-punks Corpus Delicti (3), active in the mid 80's

Jeff Johnson (10): Producer at Intrada label, in movie soundtrack releases, active in the 90's

Jeff Johnson (11): Guitarist - bassist - songwriter with avant garde group Teenage Boatpeople

Jeff Johnson (12): Visual artist credited for releases in 1996 and 2005

Jeff Johnson (13): Guitarist with reggae band Lion Dub Station, active in the 90's

Jeff Johnson (14): Bassist with Chooglin', active in the second half of 00's

Jeff Johnson (15): Rapper - marketer - dj a.k.a. Jef Jon Sin, formerly known as Southpaw Outlaw

Jeff Johnson (16): Bassist with Bottle Of Justus, active in the mid 00's

Jeff Johnson (17): Guitarist - singer with the hard rockers Blitzkrieg (16), active in the mid 80's

Jeff Johnson (18): Bassist with the 60's garage rockers The Fifth Order

Jeff Johnson (19): Guitatist - singer with the punk rockers Red Hot Valentines active in the early 00's

Jeff Johnson (20): Producer - engineer credited for a Hopple & Friends release of 2012

Jeff Johnson (21): Viola player credited for a 1987 release of musical "Little Boy Goes To Hell"

Jeff Johnson (22): Guitarist with punk groups Dog Shredder and Wild Throne, since 2011

Jeff Johnson (23): Singer - songwriter - produc .... Click here to read the full bio on DISCOGS.

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