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Gerardo Rivera Rodríguez born July 31st, 1973, in Santurce, Puerto Rico, son of Edwin Rivera Mercado (director of 'el Trio Los Barons') and Dominga Rodríguez Cedeño. Jerry grew up listening to salsa performers Eddie Santiago, Frankie Ruiz and Lalo Rodríguez. During a improvised presentation in a platform on a hotel in the capital city, where his father was working as a musician, he got the opportunity to perform a song in public. At that night Jerry was listened to by salsa singer Tommy Olivencia, and suggested him to become a solo artist. Jerry's father produced his first demo and it was listened by CBS Miami's executives, who got astonished and offered him to record his first album. It was lauched as "Empezando a Vivir".

Next Album "Abriendo Puertas" with songs such as 'Esa Niña', 'Nada sin Ti' and 'Dime' placed Jerry to the top of every radio station's rankings in Puerto Rico, United States and Latin America. With that production he got a Gold Disc (50,000 copies) and 2 platinum ones (100,000 copies) besides a Puerto Rico's Diplo Award.

Jerry's third album, "Cuenta Conmigo", got more than 10 Platinum Discs in Central America, Venezuela and Colombia. He won 2 Lo Nuestro Awards (responsored by Billboard Magazine and Univision TV Network), one for Best Male Artist of the Year and another for Album of the Year, besides he won another Diplo Award and one 'Las Estrellas' Award in New York. For all his sales which got over the million in copies Sony Discs gave him the Cristal Award. Made tours to Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Aruba, Santo Domingo, Canada, United States (Florida, California, Boston, Chicago, New York, Texas, Cleveland, Washington) and Europe. His fourth Album "Cara de Niño" with songs such as 'Que hay de Malo', 'No Hieras mi Vida' and the song which got the album title had success and preferences among the public.

Jerry got triple Platinum in United States, a double Platinum in Central America, a Latin Music Award (as Salsa Artist of the Year), the Gold Orchid in Venezuela (gave it to him via Sabado Sensasional, the most watched TV show in that country), the Congo Gold in Miami, two Lo Nuestro Awards, the Diplo Award once again and the Billboard Latin Award. In 1995 he was nominated for a Grammy Award as singer of the Year in tropical music. By the time of that event Jerry participated in the movie "I Like It Like That"

His following album "Magia" has ten songs from well-known composers such as Omar Alfano, Alejandro Vezzani, Pedro Arroyo, Giovani Jiménez, Mary Lauret, Reinaldo López y Eric Leris. The next album "Fresco" was produced by Sergio George and Cuto Soto, two of the most important salsa producers. In this great production Jerry performs lyrics from the most famous latin music composers: Rudy Pérez, Manny Benito, Mary Lauret, Alejandro Vezzani, Eric Leris, Raisa Reynoso and Fernando Osorio.

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