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Drawing from a plethora of influences, Jessica King began to create her own sound at the young age of fifteen. It was then that she began to perform publicly at local coffee shops, restaurants, and acoustic venues. Since then, her music has progressed to an original, distinctive style of rhythmic, percussive, and melodic guitar playing fronted by a voice most often pinpointed by "Joni Mitchell meets Melissa Etheridge". This union attracts and captivates every audience. But as with any entertainer, talent only goes so far. Jessica's unique personality enables audiences to not only relate to her on an intimate and personal level, but also makes them laugh, sometimes blush, and endure the occasional emotional catharsis brought on by her heartfelt lyrics. "Even though my music isn't country, I was very much captivated by the ability of Mary Chapin Carpenter to reach into her audiences hearts and really tug at every emotion," she says

with the same sincerity that comes across in each of her lyrics. Her appreciation for the art of creating music shows in her recordings, personality, and especially in her live shows. "Audiences really gear me up. If I see that even one person is enjoying a show, I'm gonna put in an extra 100% to touch them even more. I really appreciate my audience. I'm not going to be some kind of bitch who says, 'Yeah, I'll do anything to get you to buy my music, but after that get out of my face,' you know...I genuinely appreciate my fans and take a lot of their input to heart." Jessica's genuineness and realness make her an artist that audiences can identify with and love. It's this realness that extends beyond today's music market of extravagant show pop bands marketing an image instead of a sound. Jessica isn't a fabricated artist. Jessica's music is about real experiences, real emotions, and real musicianship.

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