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On his debut full-length album, The War of Women, acclaimed singer/songwriter Joe Firstman more than delivers on the promise made by his widely praised wives tales EP. Where the latter collection explored the more laid-back side of Joe’s music, the album reveals the full scope of the 23-year-old’s prodigious talents. Produced by Rick Parker and Joe Firstman, and mixed and Rick Parker, with mixing by Jack Joseph Puig, The War of Women cruises naturally and irresistibly from piano-driven ballads to sophisticated pop to rollicking roots-rock.

“The album is terribly vast,” says JoeFirstmansays proud. “There’s a million different styles going on – everything from two-step shuffles to giant pop ballads to really heavy driving rock ‘n’ roll. It’s this big grandiose thing, with all these emotions running through it.”

Throughout “THE WAR OF WOMEN,” Firstman displays a rare gift for unforgettable melodies and poignant and provocative lyrics. The 15-song collection embraces soulful pop symphonies like “Now You’re Gorgeous, Now You’re Gone” and “The Adventures Of The Empress Of Harlem And The Amazing Subway Boy,” tender love songs like “Saving All The Love” and “Chasing You Down,” and dynamic rockers like “Breaking All The Ground” (the first single). Impassioned, imaginative, and utterly captivating, “THE WAR OF WOMEN” marks the striking premiere of an exceptional new American artist.

Raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, the son of a professional opera singer mother and a “lazy genius” dad, Joe gravitated towards the family piano at the age of 12. He learned to bang out a tune in order to amuse friends and family, but soon learned that musical skill offered other more exciting benefits.

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