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With a catalogue of creativity, and a knack for taking unexpected risks, Reuben has become predictable in only one area: unpredictability. Many try to accomplish the delicate balance between indefinable sonics and pop appeal, and very few are successful. On Word of Mouth, Reuben proves that defying category is a musical imperative, and he does it with more candor, wit, and resolve than ever before. He came up on the seminal inspiration of pioneers De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Hieroglyphics, Pharcyde, and others who dominated early 90's hip-hop. But as his career developed he diversified his influence base to include everything from Björk to Sunny Day Real Estate to Daft Punk. The result is Word of Mouth-an eclectic commentary of spoken word verses with pop choruses atop a diverse collection of stimulating beats, samples, and real instrumentation inhabiting similar ground as experimentalists Beck and Gorillaz.

Though thoughtful and philosophical, there is no doubt that Reuben's ultimate end is metaphysical. As always, Reuben's portrayal of faith amidst uncertainty-complete with vast amounts of illustration-is more than just a trite appeal to the faithful. It is the vulnerable reflection of an artist who has laid it all on the line. "Like most artists, I write from my own experiences with the understanding that my experiences can translate into other peoples lives. It all breaks down to hopes and dreams, human depravity and good times." A hip-hop album with left of center pop appeal, "I wouldn't want to make any other album right now." John's goal? To motivate anyone and everyone to uncross their arms, drop any attitude, and join with him in enjoying the music. In many senses, this is an album to incite a party across many barriers of genre and subculture.

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