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John Waite Biography

One thing John Waite has come to understand during his illustrious career in music, is that you live and learn best the hard way. Take nothing for granted, maintain your integrity. And that's just what he's done over the past 30 years in the cuttthroat music industry.

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How did you promote yourself and your music when you were first starting out?

The idea was to play as much as possible. Sometimes to simply play for free. It was all about the love of music. That drive carried me into a career.

Did you ever doubt yourself or think about giving up?

Giving up was never an option. It’s what I do. Whether you are selling a million or ten records it’s all the same. It’s who I am.

What's the wackiest thing you ever did to try and get a gig or sell a record?

I’m doing it now.

What other ways do you express yourself creatively outside your music?

I paint. I was an art student in England for 4 years. I have a diploma in graphic design. I still draw though not as much as I should.

How much did others encourage you to express yourself at an early age?

I have a musical family. Music was always playing in the house. The teachers at school encouraged me to paint and draw. The bad teachers were cynical and destructive but the good ones always tried to encourage me. Art was all I was good at.

What is your community today, and how do you stay connected to it?

The world. Were all in this together. I try to carry myself with in mind wherever I go.

Do artists and musicians have a responsibility to be leaders in their communities?

If the artist is skilled at communication. Some art isn’t positive. Just because it’s called art doesn’t make it important.

Who do you aspire to be compared to?

Donald Duck

Who are you sick of being compared to?

Mickey Mouse

Do you think music can change the world?

Plato said “Music can change politics. Music is more powerful than we think. Rock ‘n’ Roll has changed everything in the last 25 years. John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance” was instrumental in ending the war in Vietnam.

Have your political views changed over the years?

I still see things the same but with more experience. I’m anti-violence but if I had to fight I probably would.

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John Waite Bio from Discogs

Singer and bass player.

Born: 4th July 1955, in Lancaster, England.

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