Johnny Dodds Biography

American jazz & blues clarinetist, born 12 April 1892, he grew up in New Orleans.

Largely self taught, Dodds gained valuable early experience with such legendary bands as the Eagle and the Tuxedo. Years (ca.)1911 to 1916 found him working with trombonist Kid Ory. By 1920 he had moved north to Chicago to join King Oliver's celebrated Creole Jazz Band. His first recordings came with this band in 1923, followed by a concentrated period before the great Depression which included recordings with Louis Armstong's Hot Five and with Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Pepper's.

With the economic collapse of 1928, and Dodds, not shifting to New York as did many of his contemporaries, was no longer playing in the spotlight. Remaining in Chicago he recorded just a few sides in the 1930's and died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1940.

He was brother of the jazz drummer Baby Dodds, and also played alto & soprano saxophone

Born : April 12, 1892 in Waveland, Mississippi.

Died : August 08, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois.

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