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Consistently rated as one of the "top two" drummers in the world by the American press, many consider Josh Freese to be the best drummer in the world.

THE VANDALS discovered Josh when he popped out of the ground on a futuristic stage in Walt Disney's Tommorowland Terrace as part of a teenage super-group called "Polo" in 1989.

Still the main percussionist for THE VANDALS, Josh continues to rack up studio credits like Paul Westerberg, Juliana Hatfield, Chris Cornell, Mike Ness, and Tracey Bonham. Somehow he looks most at home with his yellow DEVO suit, which he sports quite often in an official capacity.

Last year Josh rose to international prominence as the official GUNS N' ROSES drummer, playing on their yet to be released album. Presently he's touring as a member of Maynard from Tool's "A Perfect Circle" supporting Nine Inch Nails.

What next but a solo album? KUNG FU RECORDS proudly presents exactly that: "The Notorious One Man Orgy" - 12 amazing songs written, performed (including all bass/guitar/ keyboards/vocals), and produced by Josh himself. With guest appearances by the likes of Stone Gossard, Warren Fitzgerald, Michael Ward, Lyle Workman, and Jason Freese, the N.O.M.O. offers a hard driving pop-punk musical insight into what it's like to be Josh Freese on a daily basis. Evidently it's not easy.

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