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    Joyce Biography

    Joyce Silveira Palhano de Jesus, Joyce Silveira Moreno, Joyce Moreno or just Joyce is a Brazilian singer/songwriter, guitarist, and arranger.

    (pronounced "Joyce" in English-speaking countries, pronounced "Joy-say" in Portuguese-speaking countries).

    Born: 31 January 1948 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    She is best known as a Brazilian singer/songwriter and arranger, but is equally adept as an accomplished guitarist; both principally in the Bossa Nova style.

    Arguably, her most important work, in terms of a Brazilian socio-political context, was her album "Feminina" (1980).

    She is married to drummer Tutty Moreno, who plays in her band. Two of her daughters are also singers, Clara Moreno and Ana Martins (aka Anané) who is married to Louie Vega.

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