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Born August 31, 1958 in Van Nuys, CA, Julie began her career as a musician and comedienne while she was still in high school. A member of the Drama Club, she composed original songs for high school productions. After high school she began singing, doing stand-up and character performances in clubs, during which time she continued to write original songs, including that which would become her biggest cult hit, "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun."

She self-released her first single, "I Like 'Em Big And Stupid," in 1983, and shortly thereafter Rhino Records signed a deal with her and released her first Mini-Album, Goddess In Progress.

Warner Brothers Studios approached Julie not only to record a full-length album, but to pitch a movie idea as well. The concept that she pitched would become the 1989 film Earth Girls Are Easy, and Warner Bros. bought the idea immediately. Julie's only full-length album, Trapped In The Body Of A White Girl, was released by Warner Bros./Sire Records in 1987.

Almost twenty years later, after seeing how much money her album was selling for in eBay auctions, Julie decided to re-release it herself. She continues to sell it on her website, along with her 2005 single I Want To Be Gay, and has plans to re-release Goddess In Progress. She still performs music and comedy in clubs and at special events.

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