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The life of Keller Williams has been one long musical journey, each adventure contributing to his reputation as one of today’s most distinctive and impressive guitarists/singer-songwriters. For his latest exploit, Keller Williams releases Home. His eighth album release finds Keller in his natural element and perhaps better represents what dwells at the source of Williams’ prolific artistry than any of his previous studio recordings. Home was recorded in Keller’s hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and he is the only performer on the album. Home is in fact Keller’s first-ever solo studio recording. As he explains, "I suppose that since I spend so much time on the road doing my solo thing, that in the past when I’d get into the studio I’ve felt like I should do something different. Or maybe I just appreciated the company and musical contributions of those musicians I’ve worked with over the years." Either way, something about this album called for Keller to stay closer to his roots: just him and his instruments, in a studio located fifteen minutes from his house. The result is a lush and digestible display of Keller’s eclectic personal expression.

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