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Kevin Fowler Biography

After one listen to Kevin Fowler's latest release, One for the Road, everyone seems to ask the same question: "How do you go from playing in a hard rock band with a gold record to writing and performing great country music without missing a beat?".

Fowler says he's simply come full circle. Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, his first musical exposure was to 70's country music on the local AM radio station. But the early part of his musical career was not spent playing roadhouses and honky tonks like he does today. In 1993 Fowler was playing guitar in Dangerous Toys, a Texas hard rock outfit with two #1 videos on MTV and a gold record under their belts.

By '95 he had left the band and started his own group called Thunderfoot, a hard edged southern rock band. Thunderfoot released their first CD, Southern Discomfort on Perris Records in 1995. The album sold well in both Europe and the U.S. but Kevin yearned to return to his country roots and the music he had grown up on. So he fired himself from the band he had started. He then took a year off to write and record One for the Road.

Well, now he's back. And heÆs come out of the shoot buckin'. His new sound seems to fit him like a pair of old boots. His ability to shift gears so smoothly has seemed to surprise all of the critics. The Austin Chronicle says One for the Road is "a genuinely impressive crossover". Arena magazine says One for the Road shows "Fowler's savvy of the music biz by his ability to effortlessly crossover with intact hit songwriting...". Country Line magazine says, "From cover to the last song this self-titled CD is a quality piece of work...".

Since the release of One for the Road, Fowler has stayed very busy playing live and promoting the record. He has recently released a single to radio. The song 100% Texan is a track off of his next CD which is expected to hit the streets by June of 2000. The song has been getting a great response on local radio. Lonestar 93 in Austin now has it in regular rotation.

If you haven't caught his live show then you haven't seen what Kevin Fowler is all about. His live performances are very upbeat with an emphasis on "beer drinkin', hell raisin' and gettin' rowdy". On stage is where this guy really shines. So, what are you waiting for? Come out to some of his live shows and see what all the buzz is about.

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