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    Kevlar Biography

    Since their inception in 1997, Kevlar has been doing things "their" way! Coming from Umea, home of such acts as Abhinanda, Refused, Starmarket, and Blithe, Kevlar have joined the ranks of such notable bands coming out of the desolate climate that extists in one of the most northern regions of the world. Combining incredible pop hooks, very powerful driving rhythms, and a hint of the disharmonic sound is what Kevlar does best. With roots in exciting Swedish indie bands such as Starmarket and Ray Wonder, Kevlar plays a kind of Swedish punk rock with influences from American noise merchants Sonic Youth, Fugazi and Samiam, as well as British bands like My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver. The end result is neither contrived nor derivative, but flows smoothly and sounds original and fresh. Before you notice, you'll be singing along to the infectious driving melodies! Kevlar's first demo in 1997 attracted many admirers, and during the course of the band's evolution of sound they recorded three 7 inch records, and have played with such incredible bands as Refused, Bluetip, Kerosene 454, Cobolt, and Teenage Fanclub, and received excellent reviews from press and fans alike. In 1999, after being a three peice for two years, Kevlar introduced a new guitar player, and their sound has progressed to become fuller and tighter than before. Let Me Worry Some More was recorded at Second Home Studios and mastered at the infamous Toneteknik Recordings, both in Umea Sweden. After two weeks of intense sessions, Let Me Worry Some More was completed and the end recording is amazing. Eleven songs of sheer brilliance.

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