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When Kimberley Locke finally said goodbye to American audiences on American Idol last summer, being one of the last remaining three finalists with Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, her first thought was that she would be leaving her two close friends, her second was "oh no, I didn't win," and her third was "If this was the Olympics, I'd still get a medal. It was a great race."

That determination and mindset is what Kimberley Locke is all about. America has not heard the last from Kimberley, as she will soon be coming back with her debut album on Curb Records. Kimberley is currently recording for the new album, which will feature a mixture of pop, R&B and ballads, sung with the power and intensity of this hot newcomer that America has already enthusiastically embraced.

Kimberley Locke was born on January 3, 1978 to Christine and Donald Locke in Hartsville, Tennessee, a small town just outside of Nashville. When Kimberley was seven, her parents split up and she moved with her mother to Gallatin, Tennessee where she finished her primary years of schooling. Kimberley's love for music was innate, and her first memories of singing began when her mother bought her, her first radio with a dual cassette recorder. "My mother bought me these books that were sing-a-longs - the Getalong Gang, Rainbow Bright, The Care Bears…I used to listen to them over and over and memorize the songs. I always loved to sing."

The beginning is now just around the corner for Kimberley...and the fog is just starting to clear. Look out for the debut album from Kimberley Locke.

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