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As young Mexican immigrants in the United States, the three García brothers, born in Iramuco, Guanajuato, boast some very deep cultural roots yet they grew up surrounded by the musical influences of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, where they now reside.

The forces that shaped the character and musical preferences of Manuel “Skribe,” Javier “DJ Playback” and Eduardo “El Chivo” Garcia, speak of emotion and deep Mexican pride that come through in their hip-hop-based lyrics and have resulted in an original and powerful sound for young fans. Their passion has kept them going for more than 12 years in their musical career, enabling them to earn a reputation in the streets, first as DJs spinning tunes, and later composing their own lyrics and music.

KINTO SOL made a name for themselves with their first production “Del Norte al Sur,” which was noted for their remarkable lyrics of protest. Then they conquered more fans with their second album, “Hecho en México,” which showcased pride in their heritage. Later, they gained a loyal following in the barrio and among music lovers with “La Sangre Nunca Muere,” dedicated to family honor.

Experience, the respect of their fans, defending their beliefs, and producing top-quality rhythms in Spanish hip-hop are the mainstays of KINTO SOL in the follow-up to their previous records, their fourth album “LOS HIJOS DEL MAIZ” which will go on sale to an eagerly awaiting public on February 13, 2007 under the Univision Records label.

After nearly two years, the members of KINTO SOL are back on the music scene and are aiming to please their large fan base with this new CD, which explores the social problems confronting the country today in 15 songs about important issues such as ignorance, corruption, and racism among Hispanics themselves, according to Manuel “Skribe”, who turns in a strong performance on “Nací para quererte,” a ballad about true love.

“When we first started out, the media refused to accept our music and spread the word about it, but we didn't look back, because we believed in our work and that we were the voice of a lot of young people out there who were born in Mexico and grew up with the customs of the US. We're musical warriors who talk about what we feel in our lyrics. We're concerned about what's going on around us and we succeeded in creating a very interesting musical fusion. We dedicate this album to those of us who fight for what we believe in," say the three members of the group.

This is one of the many reasons why the music of Kinto Sol has gained such broad acceptance on both sides of the border.

“Los Hijos del Maíz” is an authentic album in which “Skribe,” “DJ Playback” and “El Chivo” join their vocal and musical talent to create the songs that make up this album, like Frasco Lleno, Mi Banda, Me Siguen Buscando, Jose el Azteca, Cuando Sale el Sol, Hijos del Tercer Mundo, La Antorcha, Lo Que no Tienen… among others that help form a unique cultural musical mosaic on their fourth studio album.

The song "Los que luchamos" speaks of the immigration-related problems faced by fellow Mexicans fighting for their rights.

“What's new on this album is deep pride – ideology combined with the rap and hip-hop that we are known for" says "Skribe." "We've succeeded in reaching the masses and giving them a different sound and without any bling bling."

The talent of KINTO SOL has led them to explore musical concepts beyond the limits of the Latin hip-hop genre, working in partnership with regional Mexican artists like cumbia master Chon Arauza; coming up with some innovative hip-hop/duranguense fusion with the popular duranguense group K-Paz de la Sierra, who helped make the song "Jambalaya" a smash hit; and turning out a solid duet with the renowned grupero band Liberación ... all a testament to the great talent and versatility of this spectacular trio.

Notably, the name of this group is derived from the indigenous traditions of the Mayan and Aztec tribes that decreed that the last sun to set in this lifetime was the fifth sun (Kinto Sol). With that inspiration, Skribe chose that name in the spirit of warriors who fight to keep the sun from setting on them before they leave an imprint on this genre and become part of Spanish hip-hop history.

With this production, “Los Hijos del Maíz,” we send a shout out to the people and the media who don't yet know about our music to give us a chance, listen to us and come to one of our concerts, since we've got an international tour lined up for 2007.

KINTO SOL has recorded 14 videos and are a top-selling group, having sold more than 150,000 copies without the support of a major label. Their music has even reached the movies and TV, with some of their songs being included in independent films like Crime Spree, Drive By, and Once Upon a Time in the 'Hood, as well as the popular EMMY®-winning series The Shield.

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