Kool G Rap

Kool G Rap Biography

Born: July 20, 1968, Queens, New York

Kool G Rap got a record deal through DJ Polo and recorded as a duo for three albums before going solo.

A good contender for best rhyme writer of the era, the Kool Genius of Rap brought hard bitten city storytelling and dirty dirty sex rhymes onto the next level along with his trademark battle rhymes. A highly influential rapper who rarely gets put up alongside Rakim and Kane as he deserves.

After splitting with Polo, G Rap released his 4,5,6 album which featured collaborations with the new generation of NY rappers including Nas and MF Grimm. Since then G Rap has released more albums but with less success sales-wise. He also signed to Rawkus Records but had simliar problems with them as Mad Skillz, eventually only releasing singles before releasing his album himself.

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