Kraftwerk Biography

Current members:

Ralf Hütter (1970–1971, 1971-) Lead Vocals, Vocoder, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Organ, Drums and Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar

Henning Schmitz (1978-) Electronic Percussion (1978–) Sound Engineering

Fritz Hilpert (1987-) Electronic Percussion, Sound Engineering

Falk Grieffenhagen (2013-) Video Technician

Former Members:

Karl Bartos (1975-1991) Electronic Percussion

Klaus Dinger (1970-1971) Drum

Wolfgang Flür (1973-1987) Electronic Percussion

Andreas Hohmann (1970) Drum

Eberhard Kranemann (1970) Bass Guitar

Thomas Lohmann (1970) Drum

Houschäng Néjadepour (1970) Electric Guitar

Michael Rother (1971) Electric Guitar

Florian Schneider-Esleben (1970–2008)

Charly Weiss (1970) Drums

Plato Kostic (a.k.a. Plato Riviera) (1970) Bass Guitar

Peter Schmidt (1970) Drums

Emil Schult (1973) Electric guitar, Electronic violin

Klaus Röder (1974) Electric guitar, Electronic violin

Fernando Abrantes (1991) Electronic Percussion, Synthesizer

Stefan Pfaffe (2008-2012) Video Technician

Maxime Schmitt has been a close friend of the group as well as an advisor and collaborator.

Emil Schult has also collaborated on many releases, contributing both lyrics and graphics.

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