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With a keen business acumen and passion for evolutionary Island music, Kulcha Don is making his path seem easy. Fusing sharp verbal aesthetics with an elevated ear toward mainstream culture, his blending of hip-hop, dancehall, reggaeton, and Caribbean roots music is turning heads and hips coast to coast.

So we asked Kulcha Don what artists inspire him to make his hip hop fusion gems...

1. Bob Marley
"At the time he was inspiring to my survival."

2. Arrow-Soco
"Artist from Montserrat – He showed me that it is possible."

3. Stevie Wonder
"To me, Stevie was the American bob Marley."

4. Michael Jackson
"Everyone wanted to be like Mike."

5. Shabba Ranks
"He showed me my dreams were possible."

6. Beenie Man
"He has the style I have always liked."

7. Nas
"Illmatic – I thought then it was the hottest shit."

8. Jay-Z
"The first album; I admire his hard work"

9. Tupac
"His albums were spoken from his mind... he was true to himself."

10. DMX
"Just when I thought Tupac was real, here comes DMX... the realest."

11. Sizzla
"His first album was very soothing."

12. Gwen Stefani
"I think she has an extremely diverse sense of talent."

Kulcha Don's new album It's All About You is available in the ARTISTdirect Store.

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