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    Kyper Biography

    KYPER’S career in the entertainment industry began at an early age. By the age of five he sang and danced to such artist as Whoodini, James Brown, George Clinton, Roger Troutman, Michael Jackson and Prince on a table top during parties thrown by his parents. As a dancer, KYPER would move to the rhythms of Run DMC, Syberian Knights, Afrika Bambaatta and the electrical voices of Pretty Tony, Kraftwerk, E.W. &F. and Peter Frampton. By age 13, KYPER had out grown the lip sync stage and began writing his own lyrics and music. He soon moved into D’Jing which gave him valuable experience in turntablism, producing, engineering and mixing.

    While in middle school, KYPER was hand picked to play drums in his band director’s top 40 funk band. KYPER’S parents who at that time were both educators became a bit hesitant in allowing there pre-teen son to perform with adults in a funk band, for fear that exposure to the club scene would affect his studies, sports and band activities. But KYPER’S talents could not go unnoticed and eventually his parents agreed under certain stipulations, “that you finish school and make something of yourself.”

    Who would have thought that shortly there after, KYPER would release a massive string of regional, national and worldwide radio and club hits. KYPER’S first single “Conceited” became a hit in various southern markets. The single conceited also won most outstanding new artist, best engineered record, and producer of the year honors at the Annual Jackson Mississippi Music Awards. His second single “Throw Down” was a regional club phenomenon packed with electronic voices and hard hitting bass throughout the entire song.

    After a long break from the success of his past GOLD and PLATINUM hits, KYPER has returned with brand new music. If you're not familiar with the name we're sure you've heard some of the songs. If you remember KYPER from the past, you should be familiar with such hit songs as: Tic Tac Toe, What Get's Your Body Hype - XTC, Conceited, What Is This World Coming Too, I Want A Freak and Spin The Bottle. All of which made KYPER a Hi-NRG underground club phenomenon.

    KYPER'S controversial "What Gets Your Body Hyped-XTC", was the first song ever recorded and released with references to "XTC" or "ECSTASY" which became a national and international CLUB HIT!!! His follow up to “XTC” entitled “What Is This World Coming To” blew up the regional club scene and by this time major labels were knocking on his door.

    The single Tic Tac Toe, first released independently, brought him to legendary status as he signed a major recording deal through Atlantic Records with gold and then platinum single sales reaching over 1,000,000 copies sold. KYPER'S Tic Tac Toe hit the BILLBOARD top 10 club chart along with the top 20 BILLBOARD radio chart and is recorded and book published in BILLBOARD’S history of top hits. Tic Tac Toe also hit the BILLBOARD and RHYTHM REPORT’S top 10 national and international sales listings. Tic Tac Toe still holds the BILLBOARD record for being the first single in BILLBOARD HISTORY to enter the chart at number 100, jumping more hot 100 slots with a continuous bullet for more than 48 weeks, holding its position at number 14 longer than any other single in BILLBOARD'S HISTORY. Tic Tac Toe played on radio stations and in clubs all over the world and is still an all time favorite.

    KYPER has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and exposure, mainstream and underground, releasing more than 16 full length CD's, along with more than 30-12" vinyl records and singles worldwide, making KYPER the first DJ Producer/Rap, Dance Artist in Louisiana history to break out independently and sign a major recording deal reaching gold/platinum sales paving and pioneering the way for other Louisiana and Southern Artist to carry the torch of musical entertainment success.

    Even though, the "Ying Yang Twins" boast untruthfully of producing the first whisper song ever. The real fact is that in the early 90's when KYPER was only a pup, he recorded the first whisper song ever, entitled "Tabitha" which was recorded on KYPER'S second Atlantic Records CD release entitled "Countdown To the Year 2000". KYPER always has been and still remains to be a creative, innovative and trend setting Artist, always ahead of his time. So, let's not get it twisted, it was KYPER and not the "Ying Yang Twins" that recorded the first whisper song.

    KYPER has performed and worked with many of today’s professional entertainers, such as: LL Cool J, Juvenille, Mannie Fresh, R-Kelly, TLC, DJ's Agent K and Duce, Johnny Cage, DJ Digital, DJ Trashy, Gail Sky King, Scarface of the Ghetto Boys, Eric B. & Rakim, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew, just to name a few. KYPER has remixed tracks for the Commodores, Hall & Oates, Yes and Michael Jackson.

    KYPER'S most recent underground club hit "Let Me See You Dance", The new XTC remixes featuring DJ's Agent K and Duce/DJ Digital and "Release Yourself" all on 12" vinyl are heating up the Hi-NRG dance floors everywhere.

    The most recent full length CD entitled "Sex, Drugs, Rave and Roll" is expected to be released November 2006, packed with floor pounding bass and cutting edge dance tunes that will keep you dancing all-night long. Although KYPER is often credited for pioneering Techno, Breakbeat Rap. KYPER refers to his new music as Techno Hop/GhettoTech. KYPER'S music and entertainment skills are all influences of various styles compiled from what he calls Techno Funk, Alternative, Electronica, Electro-booty, Breaks and Hip Hop.

    KYPER'S skills in Performances, DJ'ing, Turntablism, Live Band Shows and overall ability to "ROCK A CROWD" are second to none. He has truly mastered the art of entertainment, creating and founding an artform he calls Techno Hop/GhettoTech.

    KYPER is now available for Interviews, Promotional Appearances, Features, Production Work, Concerts or DJ bookings.

    For more Information – Bookings Contact: Knock-Out Productions, P.O. Box 74684, Baton Rouge, LA 70874. Phone: (225)572-6934 or e-mail: jeff@tiptoprecords.com

    To Order Music Wholesale: DBI Music, 5570 Florida Mining Blvd., S. Bldg., Suite #400, Jacksonville, FL 32257. Phone: (904)288-4409, Fax: (904)288-4447, e-mail: dave@dbimusic.com

    Gonzales Music Wholesale, P.O. Box 428, Gonzales, LA 70737. Phone: (800)489-2133, Direct: (225)647-2234, Fax: (225)647-2234, Contact: Wade Mire, e-mail: wadegmw@eatel.net or Jason Graham, e-mail: jasongmw@eatel.net

    Select-O-Hits, 1981 Fletcher Creek Dr., Memphis, TN 38133. Phone: (901)388-1190, Contact Person: John Phillips or e-mail: johnnyphillips@selectohits.com

    For Public Purchase of Music Visit: Sam Goody, Music Wherehouse, Tower Records, Bestbuy. Also, music online at amazon.com, cduniverse.com, artistdirect.com. More online music outlets are coming.

    Don’t forget to checkout the myspace page for electronic media information at: www.myspace.com/kypermyspace

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