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    Kyuss Biography

    Stoner Rock band formed in 1988 as 'Katzenjammer'. They changed their name to 'Sons of Kyuss' in 1989 and released a self-titled EP in the following year. In 1991 the band shortened its name to 'Kyuss'.

    They released 4 full-length albums (1991-1995).

    Disbanded in 1996 and reunited in 2010 as 'Kyuss Lives!'.

    1988: Formed as 'Katzenjammer' by Joshua Homme (Lead Guitar), Nick Oliveri (Rhythm Guitar), Chris Cockrell (Bass), Brant Bjork (Drums) and John Garcia (Vocals).

    1989-1991: Nick Oliveri leaves 'Katzenjammer' and the band changes their name to 'Sons of Kyuss'. Together, they recorded a self-titled EP.

    1991-1992: Chris Cockrell leaves 'Sons of Kyuss' and Nick Oliveri returned as a bassist. The band eventually changes their name to 'Kyuss' and records two albums. Nick Oliveri then left again and was replaced by Scott Reeder from The Obsessed.

    1992-1994: Brant Bjork leaves and later joins Fu Manchu in 1996. Alfredo Hernandez joins the band.

    1994-1996: The band breaks up. John Garcia forms Slo Burn. Joshua Homme forms Gamma Ray (2).

    1996: John Garcia and Scott Reeder formed Unida.

    1997: Nick Oliveri forms the Mondo Generator.

    1998-1999: Joshua Homme, Nick Oliveri and Alfredo Hernandez form Queens Of The Stone Age.

    Nov 2010: Kyuss confirmed that they reunited and will tour in the spring of 2011 under the name 'Kyuss Lives!'.

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