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Witty, smart, warm, and stunning are just some of the words that describe the petite singer / songwriter LaToya London. Her composed demeanor and buoyant approach to her performances make her a favorite to watch. She first touched and awed audiences when she delivered powerful, show-stopping performances – seemingly with ease – on the 2004 season of the hit reality show American Idol. Her talent even managed to silence the razor sharp tongue of none-other than program’s most infamous judge, Simon Cowell, who went so far as to hail LaToya as the odds-on favorite to win that year’s competition. Millions of American voters, along with the show’s celebrity judges, were dumfounded as LaToya was unceremoniously voted off the show at what seemed the crest of her success.

Recently, users of the ARTISTdirect Messenger had a chat with LaToya about American Idol, her career and her “see-food” diet. Check out the transcript below!

1. Jeanette Ney asked:
Hey there Latoya - how have you been doing? How’s your career going since American Idol?

LL: “Hi Jeanette! I’ve been doing great. Since American Idol my career has been keep me quite busy. I’ve been singing, of course, and on a bunch of acting auditions. So keep a look out for me on screen.”

2. Mas Aziz asked:
Do you feel you’re the same person now that you’ve become a star?

LL: “Since my stardom, I have definitely become a different person…for the better. “

3. Bernard Abellada asked:
Have you tried or are you interested in doing Broadway? It seems that your skills are perfectly suited for Broadway shows. (Regardless, best on your career.)

LL: “I would love to do a Broadway show. I haven’t auditioned for Broadway yet, but it’s definitely in my future.”

4. Abubakarr Jalloh asked:
Can you tell me a bit about your up-bringing and how this contributed to what you are today? Was your past responsible for your today or not really?

LL: “My up-bringing has a lot to do with who I am today. I was always encouraged and involved in performance activities. My mother and father kept me grounded and I have never strayed away from what they instilled in me.”

5. Jessica Sitter asked
I was just wondering how it was being on American Idol. What was the best thing that happened to you during the experience? Who has been your favorite Idol winner so far? Who would you say was one of your close, personal, and nice friends during the trip? I was also wondering if you thought Anthony Federov was cute [from last season]?

LL: “Being on American Idol was a life changing experience. The best thing that has happened was that it gave me a great amount of exposure and has opened doors that were hard to get through otherwise. My favorite winner so far is Fantasia. I think she has a great voice. My closest friend was Jasmine. And yes, I think Anthony Federov is very cute.”

6. Jeff Danton asked
Have you thought about recording any other song you did on Idol for your next CD? If so, I would like you to record Somewhere" - that last note is so beautiful when you did it on Idol (though like most songs on the show they are not long enough)

LL: “No, I haven’t thought of singing any other songs from Idol on my next cd. But I will consider it. Thanks.”

7. (name unavailable) asked:
How was it to be one of the top12 (on American Idol)?

LL: “To be one of the top 12 was a huge accomplishment. It makes you really feel special and even more hopeful that you can make it all the way.”

8. Prince Alim Akbar asked:
Hi Latoya. This is Prince from Chicago. Do you have a boyfriend and how has he handled your success?

LL: “Hi Prince! Yes, I have a boyfriend. He handles my success very well. He’s so proud of me. He’s a musician so he understands how the music business works. We’re both always traveling so that keeps us really close and our relationship new.”

9. Maia Kamara asked:
Usually on American Idol you would get a lot of criticism - what was the “best” one for you? And also, people compare you to a lot of singers, so who is your favourite comparison?

LL: “My best compliment on American Idol was when I was competing to make it in the top 12 and the judges said I was one of the best they had heard yet. My favorite comparison is to Stephanie Mills.”

10. Jordz Fridz asked:
Is Simon really as mean as he appears to be on TV?

LL: “No, off camera Simon is a regular guy. He’s only critical for the show. It’s his job.”

11. Cindy D/Dj0rbit asked:
What is the hardest part of your schedule? Can you give an example of what a typical day is like for you?

LL: “The hardest part of my schedule is packing when I have to travel. I HATE PACKING!! A typical day for me is getting up according to how early the first thing is scheduled. I may have a flight to catch or an interview, then I’m on to the next thing which may be an appearance somewhere usually involving singing. Sometimes I have to rush to an audition. In the entertainment business a lot of things that are scheduled change at the last minute and also things that aren’t scheduled are thrown in at the last minute. It can get quite hectic so you have to be flexible.”

12. Rebecka Tanner asked:
I was wondering who is your favorite artist in the hiphop/rap? I really like people like Nelly, Eminem, 50 Cent, T.I, Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, G-Unit and others.

LL: “My favorite hiphop/rap artists are Common, Kanye West, Jay Z, Ludacris, and Twista.”

13. Tamer Dighidi asked:
Now that you are seeing the world, what is your favorite place that you’ve experienced?

LL: “My favorite place that I’ve been is Bermuda. It is so beautiful there and everyone I came across was very nice.”

14. Tweety Moamen asked:
When did u start singing? And do u play piano?

LL: “I started singing at age 4, performing at age 7, and recording in the studio at age 12. I really wish I would’ve learned an instrument back then. I would be a lot further, musically. But, it’s never too late!”

15. Javed Jaggassar asked:
What kind of music do you like?

LL: “I love all kinds of music. Just like people’s skin color puts them in categories, we’re all beautiful. I feel the same about music. When it sounds good I don’t pay attention to what category it falls in, it’s just good music.”

16. Laura Handziuk asked:
What was it like being on stage at first? Are you planning to perform all over Canada someday?

LL: “Being on stage, at first, was a very nervous experience. You’re thinking, ‘Do I sound good, do I look good, which camera am I supposed to be looking at?’ So many thoughts are running through your head. Of course I’m coming to Canada. I love my fans there too.”

17. Rwashe Maone asked:
What is your secret for success? And what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

LL: “My secret for success is being a pleasant person. No one likes a diva or someone who treats them like they’re a nobody. Every one is equal. You have to be someone people want to work with. I don’t care how good you are. The best thing that has ever happened to me is the exposure I received on American Idol.”

18. Ashley Sinclair asked:
What gives you the passion 2 do what you do?

LL: “What gives me the passion to do what I do is the love of the art. Also, the way it touches people and their lives. A simple song can brighten someone’s day and give them inspiration . That’s why I love doing what I do, it does the same for me.”

19. Mario Fakov asked:
Where do you live now and what do you do when you’re not singing?

LL: “I live in Pennsylvania now with my boyfriend. When I’m not singing, I’m trying to rest as much as possible. I love to eat and sleep. (smile)”

20. Taylor Donovan asked:
How do u keep in such great shape? all the girls want to know

LL: “I’m on a see-food diet. What I see, I eat. But I really need to watch it because I’m not getting any younger and it will catch up with me one day. I worked out in high school every morning in my dance class, which helped shape my body. I need to continue a regimen like that, now. “

21. Khalid Gambo asked:
What ambitions do u still have – are you interested in becoming a Hollywood actress?

LL: “I would love to become a Hollywood actress. That is one of my ambitions as well as, working with youth, joining organizations that help preserve the earth and protect endangered species.”

22. Paulino Erfe asked:
Did you go to college? If yes, where?

LL: “No, unfortunately I didn’t go to college. I made many attempts, though. My singing always got in the way. But when I have some down time, I’m going to get a degree.”

23. Umaru Fofana Esq asked:
I would like to know what you think about the world-wide campaign underway, especially by women, for the Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Oprah Winfrey. Also, do you have plans to tour West Africa and maybe give charity to African children suffering from all sorts of deprivation?

LL: “Wow, you just informed me on something I didn’t know about. I think Oprah should get a Nobel Peace Prize for all the physical and financial contributions she’s made to the human race. Coming to Africa is something I’ve always wanted to do. To give to charity, to give of myself, and my time to help out in any way I can. When people are suffering, it is everyone’s responsibility.”

24. Dinesh Jangir asked:
How was your journey to success? Have you enjoyed it so far?

LL: “My journey to success, so far, has been a learning experience. Learning a lot about the music business and how it’s ran. And the journey is not over.”

25. Waisale Taubale asked:
Would you kindly tell me how you got that wonderful voice of yours? Was it through some kind of special training or what?

LL: “I got my voice from genetics somewhere down the line. My mother and father both can sing and I have lots of family members that sing as well. Although, I did take a few private lessons and sang in many choirs which helped train my voice and ears.”

26. Serlly Jimenez Lora asked:
I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm Dominican. I watch American Idol, I always dream to be an actress or a singer but here we don't have some choices like there, so what do you recommend to make [my] dream come true?

LL: “If you can, video tape yourself performing and keep it on hand in case you need to mail somewhere for an audition or something like that. Also, create a demo cd that you can mail to record companies. Also, you can go online and find out what and where different auditions are happening and mail off your tape or cd. The internet is your best bet.”

27. Melinda Mclendon asked:
I just want you to know your voice still lives in my heart. My question to you: Is there an age you think “Well that’s it for me”?

LL: “No, no age is too old. I can’t stand the phrase, ‘You only have a certain amount of time before your window closes.’ There are all sorts of opportunities for people of all ages, Broadway, television shows, commercials, background singing, etc.”

28. Moses Ambrose asked:
What is the most important thing I need to know to become a great singer?

LL: “The most important thing you need to know to become a great singer is, you are never too good to learn. So always keep your mind open to learning more than what you know and be flexible.”

Thank you to Latoya London for chatting with our Messenger users! Check out her debut album, Love and Life in the ARTISTdirect store!

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